In the world of steel sheet cutting, tradition has given way to innovation. The conventional method, which involves manual feeding and foot-operated shearing, has long been the standard. However, this dated process not only hampers efficiency but also poses safety risks and leads to considerable material wastage. Precision is compromised, and the technique is limited to cutting rectangular sheets, leaving coil materials largely untouched.

But fear not, for the solution is at hand. The widespread adoption of NC feeding machines has transformed the landscape of steel sheet cutting. This article delves into the revolutionary approach of combining heavy material racks with the power of NC feeding machines and shearing machines to streamline the process. This union automates material placement, feeding, cutting, and more, preserving valuable human resources and expanding the scope of what can be cut, all while improving precision and efficiency.

Enhancing Efficiency and Precision

When the NC feeding machine is installed alongside the shearing machine, it’s firmly secured to the base. The feeding machine’s direction forms an inclined angle, usually within the range of 25 to 35 degrees, with the optimal angle being 30 degrees. The heavy material rack is strategically positioned at a specific distance from the feeding machine, ensuring alignment with the center of the feeding machine and the curved blade’s center. This smart setup maximizes the utilization of peripheral and end waste materials from the coil, contributing to both quality assurance and material conservation. In comparison to the traditional straight strip cutting method, this approach saves approximately 15% of materials.

Seamless Operation

In practical usage, coil materials find their home on the heavy material rack, securely fastened. The leading end of the coil material is threaded through the feeding machine to reach the curved blade. Precision is achieved through the adjustment of the material wheel on the NC feeding machine and the adjustment screws on the heavy material rack, ensuring the coil material is perfectly centered on the shearing machine’s curved blade.

Here’s where the magic happens. The NC feeding machine, guided by a PLC system, seamlessly coordinates with the shearing machine. During operation, the heavy material rack unwinds and feeds, the feeding machine advances the shearing machine based on feeding length and time, securely clamps the material, and initiates the shearing machine’s movement. The curved blade elegantly moves up and down, expertly shearing the required curved strip, which then elegantly slides into the transfer box. Thanks to the PLC control, the NC feeding machine operates continuously, autonomously completing the shearing process.

The Future of Steel Sheet Cutting

In conclusion, the combination of NC feeding machines and shearing machines has brought about a significant evolution in steel sheet cutting. Efficiency, precision, and material conservation are the cornerstones of this innovative approach. The days of manual shearing and straight strip limitations are behind us. Embrace the future, reduce waste, and enhance your productivity with NC feeding machines – the true game-changer in the steel sheet cutting industry.

NC Feeding Machine
NC Feeding Machine