In the realm of modern stamping production, a revolutionary approach is reshaping the industry landscape. Meet the cutting-edge solution known as the Double Head Decoiler,” poised to redefine efficiency and convenience. Say goodbye to the traditional limitations of coil loading and material changeovers, and embrace a new era of streamlined operations.

A New Paradigm in Coil Placement

Traditionally, the stamping production process has relied on a mechanism called the “decoiler” for coil placement. Comprising a base and a spindle, the “decoiler” operates as the linchpin of the production line. However, its singular-axis material feeding mechanism and the need for centralized spindle positioning have long posed challenges during reloading, slowing down the entire process.

Enter the Innovative “Double Head Decoiler”

The “Double Head Decoiler” emerges as the game-changing answer to these persistent obstacles. This advanced variant showcases a circular platform-style base, ingeniously designed with a broad lower section and a narrower upper section. This clever configuration effectively lowers the center of gravity for the coil rack, setting the stage for enhanced stability and efficiency.

Revolutionary Dual-Axis Structure

At the core of the “Double Head Decoiler” lies a symmetrical dual-axis structure. This structure revolves around a fixed axle and two expandable coil holders positioned on the outer edges of the fixed axle. This ingenious design enables the simultaneous handling of two coil materials, transforming downtime into productivity.

Seamless Material Transition

The true magic of the “Double Head Decoiler” comes to life during operation. With two expandable coil holders at opposite ends, the system enables the simultaneous placement of two coil materials. When one coil material is depleted, a simple 180° rotation of the rotating seat swiftly transitions production to the other coil material. This seamless maneuver eliminates the need to halt the production line for reloading, making downtime a thing of the past.

Unparalleled Structural Stability

Thanks to its innovative design, the “Double Head Decoiler” guarantees exceptional structural stability. By placing the two coil materials on opposite sides of the fixed axle, both the base and the rotating seat experience minimal torque. This pivotal advantage ensures prolonged operational life and reliability.

Elevating Production Efficiency

The impact of the “Double Head Decoiler” on production efficiency cannot be overstated. With uninterrupted material transition and the ability to handle two coils simultaneously, productivity soars to new heights. The once time-consuming process of coil reloading now takes a backseat to continuous, seamless operation.


In the fast-paced world of stamping production, innovation reigns supreme. The “Double Head Decoiler” has transcended the limitations of its predecessors, ushering in an era of heightened efficiency, stability, and productivity. Embrace the future of coil placement and material handling with this groundbreaking solution, and position your production line at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

Double Head Decoiler
Double Head Decoiler