In the realm of manufacturing electronic and light industrial products, the stamping process plays a pivotal role in shaping steel strips of diverse thicknesses. Traditional methods often involve manual handling and supervision, resulting in high labor intensity and potential deviations affecting the quality of the stamping process. To overcome these challenges, our exclusive decoiler emerges as a game-changer, revolutionizing the unwinding and feeding functions in stamping production lines.

The Conventional Challenge

During the stamping process, issues commonly arise with the unwinding and opening of steel strips. The conventional approach utilizes an iron rod to support the coiled steel strip, necessitating constant manual supervision by an operator. This intricate method of material exchange and horizontal adjustment contributes to the high labor intensity for workers.

Introducing the Innovative Decoiler

To address the shortcomings of traditional decoilers, our specially designed decoiler takes center stage. With a focus on achieving fully automated stamping production, this decoiler replaces the conventional method, providing seamless unwinding and feeding functions in a stamping production line.

Key Features of the Decoiler

1. Integrated Power Transmission System

The decoiler houses a main body containing an integrated power transmission system within a chamber. This system includes a motor connected to a control box, enabling efficient and automated operation.

2. Pivotal Mounting and Turntable Design

The decoiler’s shaft is pivotally mounted on the main body, with the turntable extending beyond the outer surface. This design ensures stability and smooth operation during the unwinding process.

3. Sliding Sleeve Adjustment Mechanism

A guide key on the main shaft, coupled with a sliding sleeve adjustment mechanism, facilitates precise control. The mechanism includes connecting rods and a movable tensioning seat, forming a parallelogram structure for optimal tensioning.

4. Automatic Control and Load-Bearing Capacity

The decoiler boasts automatic control of starting and stopping through an inductive frame, eliminating the need for manual supervision. Its high load-bearing capacity, coupled with convenient loading, ensures a smooth and efficient stamping production line.

Enhanced Efficiency and Quality

The innovative decoiler significantly enhances the efficiency of stamping production lines. Its automatic features, such as pressure arms and hydraulic expansion, contribute to the improved quality of stamped products. The decoiler stands as the ideal material feeding and unwinding equipment, paving the way for a new era in stamping production.


In conclusion, the conventional challenges associated with material exchange and horizontal adjustment in stamping production are overcome by our innovative decoiler. With its advanced features and automated capabilities, it stands at the forefront of enhancing efficiency and elevating the quality of stamped products. Embrace the future of stamping production with our revolutionary decoiler.