In the ever-evolving landscape of stamping manufacturing industries like automotive, hardware, electronics, and 3C, the process of uncoiling steel coils into strips or cutting them into elongated pieces is pivotal for subsequent stamping on the press. However, the traditional methods have inherent challenges leading to significant waste and operational inefficiencies. Let’s delve into how our innovative Zigzag-Type Stamping Automated Production Line is transforming the industry.

Enhancing Material Efficiency in Stamping

In the conventional stamping setup, the sequential nature of stamping dies often results in noticeable waste, especially when dealing with circular materials. This inefficiency translates into substantial raw material wastage. Moreover, the need for workers to intermittently pause the press to retrieve finished products and manually handle waste strips adds to labor intensity, hampering operational efficiency.

The Ingenious Solution: Zigzag-Type Stamping Automated Production Line

To overcome these challenges, we’ve engineered a Zigzag-Type Stamping Automated Production Line specifically designed for stamping clientele. This cutting-edge system comprises key components, including heavy-duty material racks, a leveling machine, a zigzag NC feeder, a press, and an automatic material collecting unit. Let’s explore how this innovative solution optimizes the stamping process.

Strategic Movement for Minimized Waste

The Zigzag-Type Stamping Automated Production Line orchestrates the forward movement of the steel strip at an optimal distance. Simultaneously, it shifts the strip vertically after each press cycle. This strategic adjustment minimizes the gap between successive stamped circular pieces, significantly reducing waste material.

Streamlined Material Handling

Stamped products are efficiently conveyed on a conveyor belt for retrieval by workers. Simultaneously, waste materials are automatically collected and wound by the material collecting unit. This automated process substantially alleviates the labor burden, leading to a highly efficient and cost-effective production approach.

Tailored Adjustments for Optimal Results

Practical application of the Zigzag-Type Stamping Production Line involves adjusting the forward and vertical shift distances of the automatic Zigzag NC feeder based on the desired diameter of the circular pieces and the width of the steel strip. This ensures a minimal gap between each stamped circular piece. The interval for the Zigzag NC feeder to retract and extend is set according to the number of stamping cycles, facilitating the timed severance of waste strips. This user-friendly approach enhances operational simplicity and elevates the level of automation.

In conclusion, our Zigzag-Type Stamping Automated Production Line revolutionizes the stamping industry by addressing waste, labor intensity, and operational inefficiencies. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness in stamping manufacturing.

Zigzag-Type Stamping
Zigzag-Type Stamping