In the dynamic world of stamping production, the punch press stands as a cornerstone, and its evolution has been significantly impacted by advancements in feeding technology. This article explores the transformative journey from manual feeding to the contemporary dominance of pneumatic NC feeders, revolutionizing efficiency and safety in the stamping industry.

Enhancing Efficiency: The Shift from Manual to Automated Feeding

Traditionally, punch presses heavily relied on manual feeding methods, resulting in inefficiencies and compromised safety. Recognizing the need for improvement, manufacturers of peripheral equipment introduced various feeding machinery, including pneumatic feeders, roller feeders, and NC feeders. This innovation marked a pivotal moment, drastically enhancing the efficiency and safety of stamping production processes.

Material Requirements: Stress Relief and Sheet Preparation

Material used in punch presses predominantly involves flat sheets, and coiled sheets must undergo stress relief through leveling before becoming usable. Following this crucial step, the sheets are seamlessly conveyed into the punch press for stamping, guided by a feeder. However, the existing pneumatic and roller feeders, marred by intricate structures, inflexible adjustments, and limited compatibility, are steadily being replaced by the superior capabilities of NC feeders.

Pneumatic NC Feeders: Precision, Independence, and Mainstream Adoption

Pneumatic NC feeders, a standout among feeding apparatus, offer unparalleled precision and independence. Unlike their counterparts, they eliminate the need for installing relaxing push rods on the punch press slide, making them the mainstream choice in the stamping industry. Let’s delve into the inner workings that make them a force to be reckoned with.

Structural Ingenuity of Pneumatic NC Feeders

The pneumatic NC feeder operates through a structural design that combines pressure spring clamping for feeding and electromagnetic valve control for cylinder relaxation. Two punch press cams emit signals governing feeding and relaxation to the electromagnetic valve, ensuring a seamless coordination between the feeder and punch press for optimal precision and stability.

Head Structure: The Heart of Efficiency

Examining the schematic diagram of the pneumatic NC feeder’s head structure unveils a meticulously crafted assembly. An upper roller seat, housing an active upper roller, is complemented by a fixed lower roller on the body. A Yaskawa servo motor, a standard in NC servo feeders, drives the rotation of the lower roller during feeding initiation. The connection between the upper and lower rollers involves precise gear transmission, ensuring a smooth and controlled feeding process.

Material Handling and Positioning

To maintain precision in material clamping and facilitate smooth material entry and exit, the upper roller seat incorporates compression springs, while electromagnetic valves in the body control the cylinder circuit. Material support rollers are strategically positioned, and a groove in the body, housing adjustable positioning rollers, prevents material deviation during the entry into the upper and lower rollers.

Seamless Collaboration: Punch Press and Pneumatic NC Feeder in Action

When the pneumatic NC feeder collaborates with the punch press, a synchronized dance of signals and movements ensues. Signals from the punch press trigger the feeder’s control system, activating electromagnetic valves that govern the cylinder’s movement. As the punch press ram descends, the upper and lower rollers efficiently clamp the material, and the servo motor propels the required material towards the punch press.

Precision in Action: Achieving ±0.02mm Accuracy

The cyclic sequence of feeding and relaxation ensures accurate positioning, achieving an impressive precision of ±0.02mm. This precision, coupled with low failure rates and exceptional stability, establishes the pneumatic NC feeder as the optimal choice for stamping production, setting new standards in efficiency and reliability.

In conclusion, the pneumatic NC feeder has emerged as a game-changer in the punch press industry, offering a perfect blend of precision, independence, and reliability. Its adoption signifies a transformative leap towards efficiency and safety, solidifying its position as an indispensable component in the ever-evolving landscape of stamping production.

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