In a groundbreaking development, a solar industry powerhouse has recently taken delivery of two robust 3 in 1 press feed lines. This remarkable achievement has significantly elevated the manufacturing processes for a diverse range of photovoltaic bracket profiles and connecting components, thanks to cutting-edge stamping techniques.

Exceptional Performance Redefined

These two formidable 3 in 1 press feed lines are rewriting the rules of performance, setting new industry standards in material thickness, coil outer diameter, and load-bearing capacity. They have seamlessly optimized the enterprise’s coil unwinding, leveling, feeding, stamping, and forming production processes, delivering unparalleled results.

Unveiling the Powerhouses

With a versatile material thickness range spanning from 0.6 to 6.0mm, a coil outer diameter reaching an impressive 2000mm, and an astonishing load-bearing capacity of up to 10 tons, these two powerhouses come equipped with a bespoke anti-tilt loading trolley. This invaluable addition revolutionizes the coil loading and preparation procedures, enhancing both safety and loading convenience. The photovoltaic industry often involves hefty materials, and these machines rise to the occasion, perfectly meeting the demands of high load-bearing requirements. This ensures not only production efficiency but also unwavering operational stability.

Mastering Stability and Precision

The 3 in 1 press feed line employs an ingenious wedge-shaped slider expansion technique for main spindle expansion and contraction. This method is characterized by its substantial clamping force and unparalleled stability. Bidirectional limiting arms adorn the material width limiting segment, ensuring impeccable material positioning for sheets of varying thicknesses. Further enhancing the production stability and quality, a power pressing arm is seamlessly integrated to prevent material scattering in scenarios involving thicker plates.

Leveling and Feeding Excellence

The model excels in the leveling and feeding department as well. The inclusion of a folding arm for automated feeding of bent materials has amplified the efficiency and precision of the leveling process. The machine head’s hydraulic lift-open structure not only facilitates drum cleaning but also maintains prolonged high-precision leveling and feeding. Notably, the leveling adjustment is executed through servo-controlled methods, allowing for effortless adjustment of downward leveling pressure via the intuitive touch control on the screen.

Streamlined Production Powerhouse

The feeding segment of this extraordinary 3 in 1 press feed line boasts a multi-mode, multi-stage function. The feeding machine skillfully governs punch press operations, thereby achieving a seamlessly integrated production process. This innovative design eliminates the need for excessive human intervention, subsequently enhancing both production efficiency and product quality.

Embarking on a New Era

The introduction of these robust 3 in 1 press feed lines is opening up new horizons for the Kunshan-based solar enterprise. Their stellar performance and remarkable automation capabilities are poised to elevate the production of photovoltaic brackets, C-section steel, connectors, and bases to unprecedented levels. Through these cutting-edge stamping techniques, the enterprise is all set to raise the bar on both quality and capacity for photovoltaic accessory products. The future of solar industry production has never looked brighter.

press feed line
press feed line