In the world of punch press machines, the landscape is teeming with various feeding machines that include air feeders, roller feeders, NC servo feeders, and gripper feeders. However, of late, a significant shift towards NC servo feeders has been observed among customers, despite their higher cost and slower speed compared to other types of feeders. This begs the question: why are NC servo feeders becoming the go-to choice in the punch press industry?

The answer can be traced back to the distinct advantages that NC servo feeders offer over their competition:

1. Unrivaled Versatility with Broad Feed Pitch Range

Among the most salient features of NC servo feeders is their wide feed pitch range and the capability for multi-segment feeding. While the feed pitch, a key factor in stamping operations, can be constrained by the machine model, be it air, roller, or gripper feeders, this limitation is conspicuously missing in NC servo feeders. Offering a feed pitch that extends up to 0-10 meters, these feeders cater to an array of processing modes with just a single machine model, substantially decreasing the customer’s investment costs.

2. User-Friendly Operation Minimizing Labor Intensity

The NC servo feeder stands out for its operational simplicity and minimal expertise requirement, thereby lessening the labor intensity and human resource investment. The pitch and count settings are conveniently adjusted via a touch screen, allowing a single operator to handle multiple automated punch press production lines. This feature translates into a notable reduction in labor costs.

3. Enhanced Precision and Stability for Superior Stamping Products

The NC servo feeder’s high feeding precision and impressive stability contribute to the accuracy of stamping products. These feeders, powered directly by a Mitsubishi servo motor, ensure precision feeding and achieve an exceptional level of feeding accuracy. Consequently, the quality of stamped products is significantly elevated when compared to other feeding machines.

4. Lower Maintenance Costs and Higher Stability

An additional advantage of NC servo feeders lies in their low failure rate, robust stability, and ease of maintenance, which cumulatively reduce the overall cost of use and maintenance. Unlike other feeders that require frequent in-depth maintenance, replacement of sealing rings, or the adjustment of various components, NC servo feeders only require a simple wipe down. This feature minimizes maintenance requirements and further solidifies their position as the superior choice.

In conclusion, NC servo feeders, with their broad pitch range, ease of operation, high precision, and low maintenance needs, are revolutionizing the punch press industry. They may come with a heftier price tag, but the investment is well-justified by their superior performance and cost-effectiveness in the long run.

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