In the realm of plastic-steel doors and windows, the current norm involves using narrow steel strips with dimensions ranging from 2.3 to 3.5mm in thickness and 10 to 20mm in width. However, the traditional approach to processing these strips, involving cutting, leveling, straightening, marking, and punching, poses significant challenges. The complexity of multiple perforations results in difficulties in maintaining positional accuracy and a subsequent decline in production efficiency.

To overcome this intricate production obstacle, we’ve meticulously devised an automated stamping and feeding production line tailored for steel strip fabrication. This revolutionary production line comprises a dual-head uncoiler, leveler, NC servo feeder, punch press, and a scrap disposal device, all seamlessly orchestrated by a PLC controller. The precision control facilitated by numerical control ensures high-speed, high-precision, large-stride, continuous stamping automation.

Streamlined Operation for Unparalleled Precision

The process begins with the reciprocating unwinding of the narrow steel strip by the dual-head uncoiler. After leveling by the leveling machine, the steel strip is directed to a waiting area for storage. The NC servo feeder takes charge of precise feeding, boasting an impressive accuracy of 0.15mm per step and a feeding stride of up to 2200mm. Operating at a frequency ranging from 35 to 60 cycles per minute, it ensures a seamless and efficient workflow.

Simultaneously, a photoelectric sensing device monitors material levels in the waiting area. Any deviations trigger a signal to the PLC controller, prompting adjustments to the speed of the variable-frequency motor in the leveling machine. Programming and debugging of stamping dies are executed through the PLC programmable controller, allowing for automated processing based on different die numbers.

Human-Machine Interface for Intuitive Control

The production line incorporates a 7-inch touch screen human-machine interface, providing a comprehensive overview of operational status, part numbers, die numbers, set length, mold height, operating speed, and component count. This interface ensures easy monitoring and control of the entire production process. Each standalone machine is equipped with manual adjustment and emergency stop functions, enhancing flexibility and safety.

Real-time Reporting and Control

The communication interface within the PLC control system facilitates information exchange with an upper-level computer. This enables real-time reporting of production status, maintenance parameters, fault diagnosis information, and receipt of production control instructions from the control center. The system features automatic detection with error display and self-stop functions, ensuring a smooth and error-free production process.

Master Control Station for Enhanced Efficiency

A master control station governs the punch press and feeder, providing operational status indications and troubleshooting solutions. Small control stations on each unit allow for ease of adjustment in individual units, offering both automatic and adjustment modes. Automatic operation is further categorized into single and continuous modes, while adjustment operation provides both incremental and continuous options.

In operation, the steel strip coil unwinds as the motor of the dual-head uncoiler drives it. The air-operated friction device generates tension between the coiled material and the leveling machine, ensuring a smooth process. The steel strip, after leveling, undergoes stepped feeding in the waiting pit, controlled by the PLC controller. Continuous stamping and cutting on the punch press, synchronized with the scrap disposal machine, complete the entire automated production process.

In conclusion, the automated stamping and feeding production line represents a paradigm shift in plastic-steel door and window production. Its precision, efficiency, and user-friendly interface make it a game-changer in the industry, promising unparalleled results and setting new standards for manufacturing excellence.

Plastic-Steel Door and Window Production
Plastic-Steel Door and Window Production