Metal processing has undergone a transformative shift with the advent of automated solutions in unwinding and leveling coiled materials. Traditional methods relying on manual intervention not only proved inefficient but also jeopardized safety and quality assurance. In response, modern metal processing facilities are turning to innovative solutions like the 3-in-1 press feed line, streamlining processes and overcoming challenges.

Automated Unwinding and Leveling: A Game-Changer

The Conventional Challenge

Historically, metal processing enterprises faced inefficiencies and safety risks in the manual pre-treatment of coiled materials. The conventional approach involved separate devices, leading to a significant footprint, low automation, and operational complexity.

Introducing the 3-in-1 Press Feed Line

Innovation takes center stage with the 3-in-1 press feed line, a revolutionary automated feeding solution. Comprising a mainframe, feeding racks, and a leveling-feeding section, this system addresses equipment footprint issues and elevates automation levels in stamping production.

Components and Advantages

Decoiling Section

Hydraulic Efficiency

The 3-in-1 press feed line employs a hydraulic expansion system for automatic tensioning and loosening, enhancing reliability and reducing labor intensity. Variable frequency speed regulation and unidirectional clutch transmission prevent material loosening, ensuring a seamless material discharge facilitated by an optoelectronic sensing system.

Leveling Section

Precision and Rigidity

Utilizing GCr15 high-frequency quenched and hard chrome-plated steel roller bearings, the leveling section ensures surface hardness exceeding HRC62. Micro-adjustable structures and pneumatic crank arm linkage mechanisms guarantee high precision, rigidity, and swift material alignment, responding accurately to punch press signals.

Feeding Section

Precision in Motion

Incorporating Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, French-manufactured high-precision worm gearbox, and German-made metal bellows coupling, the feeding section guarantees zero transmission clearance and zero angular error. Encoder-controlled feeding precision automatically compensates for material variations, ensuring accurate and low-error feeding.

Machine Head Section

Versatile Adjustability

The machine head section employs a worm gear lifting system for material discharge height adjustment. With an adjustable feeding height of up to 150mm based on the punch press die line, it ensures convenience and reliability. Pneumatic pressure arms protect personnel safety during the release of coiled material elasticity.

The Impact: Efficiency and Quality

Consolidating decoiling, leveling, and feeding into a single multifunctional device significantly reduces the overall volume, leading to substantial floor space savings. The optimized structure and user-friendly design contribute to operational ease, resulting in a notable reduction in the defect rate and a considerable enhancement of production efficiency and product quality.

In conclusion, the 3-in-1 press feed line is not just a technological advancement; it’s a game-changer for metal processing, offering unparalleled efficiency, safety, and quality in a single, innovative solution.

press feed line
press feed line