The Stamping Industry’s Game-Changer: Decoiler Tailored for Multiple Coil Sizes

In the world of the stamping industry, efficiency, cost reduction, and automation are the driving forces behind success. Central to these objectives is the utilization of coiled materials. Coiled materials offer advantages such as cost savings, ease of transportation, and streamlined production processes. However, a challenge arises when dealing with the varying inner diameter specifications of coiled materials. Commonly, two inner diameter specifications dominate the landscape: 510mm and 610mm. This divergence in inner diameters necessitates specialized handling equipment for each specification. This is where innovation steps in to pave the way for a more efficient solution.

The Challenge of Inner Diameter Disparity

In the realm of coiled material handling, the stark contrast between the 510mm and 610mm inner diameter specifications is a persistent challenge. Traditional approaches involve employing separate decoilers for each specification, which incurs higher investment costs. Imagine a scenario where a customer’s production demands encompass both inner diameter specifications. The conventional route would involve procuring two separate decoilers, leading to increased costs and complexities.

Innovating Towards Efficiency: A Tailored Solution

As a premier Chinese manufacturer specializing in peripheral automation equipment for punching presses, we’ve undertaken the challenge to revolutionize the coiled material handling landscape. Our answer to the inner diameter disparity dilemma is an ingenious decoiler designed to accommodate various coil sizes seamlessly. This cutting-edge decoiler boasts an innovative expandable drum mechanism that stands as a testament to engineering excellence.

The Power of Adaptability: A Novel Expandable Drum Mechanism

At the heart of our revolutionary decoiler is the novel expandable drum mechanism. This ingenious mechanism capitalizes on a spring-guided rod arrangement, enabling effortless adjustments to the internal diameter of the expandable drum. The result is a decoiler that flexibly caters to different coil inner diameter specifications. Whether you’re dealing with materials of 510mm or 610mm inner diameter, this decoiler steps up to the challenge, enabling hassle-free expansion and feeding of various coil materials.

Engineered Excellence for Unparalleled Performance

When comparing our innovative decoiler to conventional alternatives, six key performance advantages emerge, setting our design apart:

  1. Expanded Range of Drum Expansion: The ingenious design of our decoiler allows for an unprecedented range of expansion in the drum, surpassing the traditional limits of 450mm to 530mm. This expanded range ensures a perfect circle as the drum expands, synchronously rotating the internal diameter adjustment device during the coil uncoiling process.
  2. Enhanced Internal Diameter Adjustment Device: The mechanism for adjusting the drum’s internal diameter features sector-shaped support tiles with internal lining. This design optimizes the contact area between the adjustment device and the drum, effectively mitigating coil-induced pressure. The incorporation of sector-shaped support tiles with mesh-like internal ribbing guarantees exceptional load-bearing capacity.
  3. Seamless Synchronization: Leveraging the spring-guided rod arrangement, our decoiler achieves harmonious modification of the expandable drum’s external diameter through spring force. This synchronization ensures smooth rotation during the coil uncoiling process. The internal diameter adjustment device’s straightforward structure, coupled with its user-friendly installation, facilitates cost-effective drum diameter expansion.
  4. Impeccable Safety and Reliability: Both the transmission-side and operational-side blocking components work in tandem to synchronize the internal diameter adjustment device with the drum’s rotation. This synchronization guarantees the utmost safety and reliability throughout the uncoiling process.
  5. Vertical Thread Expansion Mechanism: Our decoiler introduces a vertical thread expansion mechanism, enabling the internal diameter adjustment device to halt at any expansion position. This design feature greatly simplifies device assembly and disassembly, enhancing operational convenience.
  6. Streamlined Attachment and Detachment: The carefully crafted positioning plate design streamlines the attachment and detachment of the internal diameter adjustment device to and from the drum. This design element optimizes operational efficiency during maintenance and reconfiguration.


In a landscape where efficiency, cost reduction, and automation reign supreme, our innovative decoiler emerges as a game-changer. By seamlessly accommodating varying coil inner diameter specifications, it addresses the challenges posed by traditional decoilers. We, as a pioneering Chinese manufacturer, proudly introduce an ingenious solution that redefines coiled material handling. Embrace the future of coiled material uncoiling with a decoiler that embodies adaptability, efficiency, and performance excellence.