The revolutionary Leveling, Feeding, and Cutting Integrated Machine is a cutting-edge equipment developed by our esteemed Engineering Department. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to excel in leveling, feeding, and cutting various metal coils, including carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. With its remarkable capabilities, it can efficiently transform coils with a width of 0-600mm and a thickness of 0.3-1.5mm into segmented sheets of exceptional quality.

Unmatched Precision and Efficiency

  1. Levelling Device: Ensuring Flawless Surfaces

The heart of this integrated machine lies in its advanced levelling device. It employs a meticulously arranged set of ¢32mm×20 rolls, with 10 upper and 10 lower rolls positioned staggeringly. This configuration works harmoniously to flatten the metal sheets, effectively releasing stress and guaranteeing a flawlessly smooth surface, entirely free from defects.

  1. Feeding Device: Seamless Sheet Transportation

The feeding device seamlessly transports the leveled sheet to the cutting head, further streamlining the production process. With precision and reliability, it ensures a consistent flow of materials, enabling efficient cutting operations.

  1. Cutting Device: Automated Precision Cutting

The cutting device represents the pinnacle of automation within this integrated machine. It enables automated cutting of the metal sheets, resulting in precise and accurate cuts. This cutting-edge technology ensures clean, smooth cut edges, meeting the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Unrivaled Features for Optimal Performance

  1. Compact Structure and Space-Saving Design

The Leveling, Feeding, and Cutting Integrated Machine boasts a compact structure, making the most of available space. Its efficient design optimizes floor space utilization, allowing for seamless integration into diverse production environments.

  1. High Automation for Enhanced Productivity

Driven by the latest Mitsubishi servo motors and a user-friendly touchscreen interface, this machine offers unparalleled levels of automation. Operators can effortlessly input and adjust parameters using the intuitive touchscreen controls. The entire system is controlled by a PLC, ensuring precise and consistent performance throughout the production process.

  1. Unparalleled Cutting Accuracy and Speed

Achieving exceptional cutting accuracy is paramount in the metal processing industry. The Leveling, Feeding, and Cutting Integrated Machine lives up to this demand, delivering cutting accuracy within ±0.5mm/m. Furthermore, its impressive cutting speed reaches up to 18m/min, significantly enhancing productivity without compromising precision.

Versatility and Material Compatibility

  1. Cutting Diverse Metal Materials

The Leveling, Feeding, and Cutting Integrated Machine exhibits remarkable versatility, capable of handling various metal materials. It efficiently cuts cold-rolled carbon steel coils, coated plates, galvanized plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, and copper plates. This versatility allows for broad applications across different industries, catering to a wide range of production needs.

  1. Soft and Thin Material Solutions

To address the cutting requirements of soft and thin materials, the machine can be equipped with Polyurethane (PU) wheels on the leveling and feeding rolls. These specialized wheels prevent scratching issues, ensuring optimal cutting quality and protecting delicate materials.

Complete Automation and Enhanced Material Utilization

  1. Integration with Supporting Equipment

The Leveling, Feeding, and Cutting Integrated Machine seamlessly integrates with uncoilers, conveyors, and stackers, forming a comprehensive and automated coil cutting system. This integration enables a continuous production workflow, encompassing uncoiling, leveling, feeding, cutting, conveying, and stacking of coils. The entire process is automated, eliminating human error and boosting productivity.

Unparalleled Precision and Waste Reduction

With its exceptional precision and cutting-edge technology, the Leveling, Feeding, and Cutting Integrated Machine offers significant advantages in terms of material utilization and waste reduction.

  1. High Precision Cutting

The machine’s cutting mechanism operates with remarkable precision, ensuring clean, smooth cuts without burrs. This precise cutting capability minimizes material waste, as each piece is accurately shaped according to specifications. The cutting speed of up to 18 meters per minute further enhances productivity, reducing downtime and maximizing output.

  1. Optimized Material Utilization

By eliminating material waste at the beginning and end of each piece, the integrated machine optimizes material utilization. The continuous production process facilitated by this machine ensures that coil materials are utilized to their fullest potential. This feature translates into cost savings and improved efficiency for manufacturers.


The Leveling, Feeding, and Cutting Integrated Machine represents a paradigm shift in the metal processing industry. With its advanced levelling, feeding, and cutting capabilities, it offers unparalleled precision, efficiency, and automation. This cutting-edge equipment caters to a wide range of metal materials, delivering high-quality, clean-cut sheets with exceptional accuracy.

Manufacturers can rely on the machine’s compact structure, user-friendly controls, and reliable performance to streamline their production processes. The integration with supporting equipment further enhances automation, enabling continuous production and optimal material utilization.

Investing in the Leveling, Feeding, and Cutting Integrated Machine is a testament to a manufacturer’s commitment to excellence, as it ensures superior results, reduced waste, and increased productivity. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace this revolutionary technology to elevate your metal processing operations to new heights.

Leveling, Feeding, and Cutting Integrated Machine
Leveling, Feeding, and Cutting Integrated Machine