It is the root of Henli’s success to transform the equipment according to the needs of customers to meet the production needs of customers.
Today, I received an inquiry from a customer. The thickness of the material is 4.0mm, the width is 300mm, and the feeding step is 180mm. The customer asked whether the standard roll feeder machine RFS-3020 and MT-300 decoiler can be used to form a stamping production line. For the customer’s needs, using a standard roll feeder machine with a standard decoiler will definitely not meet the requirements. It is necessary to modify the RFS-3020 and MT-300 before they can be used by customers.

The RFS-3020 is changed from the mechanical rod release to the pneumatic release, and it is connected with the press punching machine to achieve the purpose of release and shorten the adjustment time. Install a hydraulic pressure head device in front of RFS-3020 to solve the problem of feeding the head and let the head enter the roll feeder machine smoothly. The thickness of the material is relatively thick, and its rebound force is strong, so the unpowered pressing arm is installed on the MT-300 decoiler, the purpose is to prevent the material from rebounding and protect the personal safety.

Inadequacies of the improvement plan and suggestions:
The RFS-3020 roll feeder machine is transformed from a standard machine. In order to meet the purpose of thick plate materials, the gear opening angle is changed. Therefore, the feeding thickness is only suitable for 0.8-4.5mm, and the material thickness below 0.8mm cannot be used. The thickness of the material is thick, and the subsequent pulling force is strong, which causes the reverse device of the roll feeder machine to be easily damaged. The degree of bending of the material is large. If the material is not leveled, it is directly sent to the mold through the roll feeder machine, which may lead to unsmooth feeding and inaccurate feeding. Therefore, Henli recommends that customers add a thick plate leveler machine between the roll feeder machine and the decoiler to ensure accurate feeding after leveling the material. In addition, in order to truly achieve the purpose of one machine with multiple functions and reduce failures, it is recommended to use thick plate NC servo feeder instead of roll feeder machine, which is the best case in the stamping production line.

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