The servo feeder can stably transport the coil material to the punch press according to the set feeding length and feeding time under the control of plc for stamping production. Compared with manual feeding, the feeding accuracy and feeding speed are higher and more stable. However, there will be some small problems in the feeding process of the servo feeder: the feeding length of the servo feeder is different, so what measures should we take to solve such problems?

1. There are foreign objects or oil stains on the surface of the feeding roller of the servo feeder, which causes slippage and causes different feeding lengths. In the actual production process, oil pollution and waste will affect the feeding of the roller after entering the roller, so it is necessary to clean and maintain the servo feeder from time to time during daily work.

2. The wrong adjustment of the running speed of the servo feeder causes the feeding length to not keep up with the press punching machine, resulting in a conflict with the processing time and feeding time of the press punching machine, resulting in different feeding lengths during feeding.

3. The pressure of the pressing roller of the servo feeder is adjusted too small, resulting in insufficient pressure, or the material slips during the transportation process, resulting in insufficient feeding. If the pressure of the servo feeder is low, there will be a short slippage during feeding.

4. The pressure of the external air source of the servo feeder is unstable, which leads to the instability of the electrical drive system, resulting in delayed feeding. If the air source pressure is unstable, stop immediately and wait for the air pressure to be sufficient before production.

5. The gap between the drive synchronous pulley of the servo motor is too large, resulting in insufficient power output, resulting in different feeding lengths.

The above are the reasons that Henli summed up that the feeding length of the servo feeder may be different in actual production. If customers encounter similar problems, they should repair them as soon as possible to avoid delaying production.