There are several different straightening and uncoiling structures on nc straightener feeder machine, I will explain one of the most popular types here. Straightener and Feeder rollers are integrated into one mechanism to improve the stability. The mechanism including three main parts as following

1)     Servomotor and Reducer as power input

servomotor and reducer

Servomotor driven makes smart control into reality. As servomotor is available for programing control, working of nc straightener feeder machine is ingeligent. You never need to worry about feeding space, as it’s a limition to traditional coil handling machine. Another big feature is that feeding actions can be variable. For example, you have a sheet for holes laser, but distance between holes is variable. Then you can set these distance data on servomotor control panel, and the feeding action would work as what you need.

2)     Roller and Gear Groups for Straightening

Gear and Roller Group for straightening and feeding

When metal sheets pass through these roller groups, something in micro is changed. Stress inside material itself is damaged and material surface is reshaped to more smooth. Thus your get material you need for stamping. Gears here is all well treated and rollers is chromed. Surface hardness of rollers can reach HRC60. Roller and gear is one to one relations and structure may be different according customer requirements and material nature.

3)     Air cylinder for Stroke Releasing

top view of straightening and feeding mechanism

The big cylinder you see works for stroke releasing. When press machine send releasing signal, air cylinder start working to lift the clamping rollers, and material is free status at the moment. Air cyclinder we equipped is famous brand Airtech.

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