HENLI NC servo roll feeder machine use the servo system, PLC operation interface, as long as the parameters can be input on the screen, it will be automatically adjusted according to the size, the operation is very convenient and fast, which is one of the reasons for many customers to choose now. The following are the 6 principles of the feeder machine

NC servo roll feeder machine work flow

1.     Input/output device

The input/output device of  feeder machine is mainly used to input numerical control programs and data, display information, transmission data, and the like. The output device is a touch screen display. Input/output devices of feeder also include a PLC system.

2.     Computer numerical control device

The computer numerical control device of feeder machine is the core of the numerical control machine tool, usually consists of hardware and software. The hardware is mainly composed of an operator, a controller, a memory, an input interface, and an output interface. The software mainly refers to the main control system software, such as data processing and control and sequential logic control.

The function of the computer numerical control device is to accept externally input programs and instructions. After decoding, storage and computer processing, corresponding pulses are output to drive the servo system to control the motion of the machine tool. In addition, command signals output to the assist control device complete various assist control functions. The basic workflow of computer numerical control devices is input, decoding, position control, I/O processing, display and diagnosis.

3.     Servo system

The servo system of feeder machine is the execution part of the NC system. It is an automatic control system that controls the position and speed of the moving parts (worktables) of the machine tool. It is usually composed of a servo drive device, a servo motor, a mechanical transmission mechanism, and an execution component.

The function of the servo system is to receive the pulse signal command output by the numerical control device. After a certain conversion and amplification by the servo drive device, the servo motor and the mechanical transmission mechanism drive the machine tool table to realize the work feed or rapid movement and position control. A pulse signal command causes the displacement of the moving part of the machine tool to be called the pulse equivalent, and the common pulse equivalent is 0.02mm/pulse. The accuracy and dynamic response of the servo system directly affect the productivity, machining accuracy and surface quality of the machine body.

The servo system can be divided into feed servo system and spindle servo system. The feed servo system is used to drive the cutting feed motion of the slave axes of the CNC machine tool, mainly based on linear motion. The spindle servo system is used to realize the Spindle speed adjustment and control, as well as spindle orientation control and other functions.

4.     PLC device

PLC mainly reflects the functional characteristics of the programmable controller, PLC versatility, easy to use, wide adaptation, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, programming is simple; the status of sequential control can not be replaced in industrial automation control. The feeder PLC device consists of a CPU module, an I/O module, a memory, a power supply module, a backplane, and a frame (the function of the backplane and the frame is to realize the connection between the modules, so that each module constitutes an integral whole).

Electric Box of NC servo roll feeder

5.     Feedback device

The feedback device is an important part of the numerical control feeder, which has a great influence on the machining accuracy, production efficiency and automation degree. The feedback device is a detection link of a closed loop (half-closed) CNC feeder. This device can be included in the servo system. It is drawn by the detection element and the corresponding circuit. Its role is to detect the actual movement speed and displacement of the axis of the CNC feeder. , And feedback information to the numerical control device or servo drive, constitute a closed-loop control system. The installation of the detection device and the position of the detection signal feedback are determined by the structure of the CNC system.

6.     Feeder body

Feeder body by the PLC, servo motor, servo drive and a full set of CNC system synchronously driven by the pulley to feed the work cycle.