The press arm is used for heavy decoiler to press the outer ring of the material when it’s uncoiling, to avoid the problem of loose coil material when it’s uncoiling, at the same time, the pressure in the process of continuous discharging ensures the normal operation of uncoiling process, the supporting arm is used for lifting the head of the material after the material belt is unrolled, which is used to cooperate with the straightener machine to achieve stable feeding and avoid scratches on the edge of the material belt, these two optional devices are recommended to be used when the material thickness exceeds 2.0mm. When selecting press arm and supporting arm at the same time for heavy decoiler, it is usually combined with thick plate straightener machine or thick plate feeder machine to become thick plate 2 in 1 straightener machine and thick plate 3 in 1 feeder machine, therefore, Dongguan Henli machinery will explain in detail the operation method of the two models after selecting the pressure arm and the support arm:

  1. The pressing arm of the heavy decoiler is raised to a higher position, and at the same time, the supporting arm is reduced to a lower position to avoid touching when winding up.
  2. Press the oil pressure expansion and reduction button on the independent handle to adjust the expansion and contraction drum to less than the inner diameter of the material coil.
  3. The material reel shall be assembled into the swelling drum of heavy material frame by using line hoist or forklift truck, and close to the inner baffle arm to expand the swelling drum of heavy material frame to fix the material.
  4. Operating the press arm down to make the press wheel tighten the outer ring of the coil.
  5. Start running heavy decoiler, place the material head in the suitable position and lift the supporting arm to hold the material coil.
  6. Unlashing coil material, the electronic control box control moves to manual “inch-in” to drive the winding material, so that the material head is close to the intake port of the straightener machine, and the material head is bent by the oil-pressure feeding device of the straightener machine, so that the material head can enter the roller smoothly.
  7. The material head is bent by using the dynamic matching material of the decoiler and the oil pressure into the feeding guide device of the straightener to make the material head enter the straightening drum.
  8. Press down the front belt wheel that is clamp the material, and then put down the supporting arm and the oil pressure into the feeding guide device.
  9. Operating straightener makes material pass through straightening roller, and then feed into feeder. At this point, the whole equipment is ready for debugging, and the automatic feeding operation can be started.