In recent years, the stamping industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in customer demands, particularly concerning product quality and production output. As these requirements continue to rise, the need for precision and stability in automated equipment, such as punch press feeders, has become more stringent than ever. Manufacturers of punch press feeders have responded to this challenge by dedicating substantial efforts to research and development, as well as significant technological investments. This has led to a wave of technical innovations and the emergence of novel punch press feeder models. Among these innovations, the NC servo feeder stands out as a pioneer in meeting the ever-increasing demands for precision in material feeding.

The Rise of NC Servo Feeders

The NC servo feeder, purposefully engineered to address the escalating requirements for precision in material feed, now sets the global standard for punch press feeders. Although a relatively recent entrant in the stamping industry, it has gained rapid acceptance among stamping professionals. The reasons for its popularity are its remarkable precision, unwavering stability, and versatile utility. It’s progressively supplanting traditional roller feeders as the preferred choice in the sector.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The NC servo feeder introduces advanced servo control systems into the realm of punch press feeding apparatus. This technology is complemented by a specialized synchronous pulley drive system, ensuring uninterrupted, high-precision operation even during sustained high-speed feeding tasks. As a leader in the punch press feeder industry, we’ve focused on enhancing customer usability. These nuanced improvements are primarily seen in three crucial aspects:

1. Material Wheel Blocking

Traditionally, material wheel blocking at the inlet end was managed using threaded knobs. We’ve upgraded this system by introducing a handle-lifting type material wheel. This change facilitates swifter and more accurate material positioning for our customers, enhancing their overall efficiency.

2. Improved Material Durability

To ensure longevity and wear resistance, we’ve transitioned from using conventional 45# steel for feed rollers to imported bearing steel. This material is subjected to heat treatment, hard chrome plating, and precision grinding. The result is an extended operational lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and downtime for our clients.

3. Advanced Electrical Control System

In conjunction with the NC feeder’s electrical control system, we’ve integrated a superior electrical control system. This system comprises Japanese Mitsubishi PLC, Japanese Yaskawa servo motors, and a Taiwanese Weintek touchscreen. The synergy of these components guarantees high feed precision, with an accuracy level achievable down to ±0.01mm. This level of precision is unmatched in the industry and provides our clients with the assurance of consistent, high-quality output.


In the competitive world of stamping, staying at the forefront of technology is essential for manufacturers. The NC servo feeder represents a significant leap in punch press feeder innovation, meeting the increasing demands for precision and stability in material feeding. With its advanced technology, enhanced material durability, and superior electrical control system, it has redefined the industry standards and become the preferred choice for stamping professionals worldwide. As the stamping industry continues to evolve, the NC servo feeder remains a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

nc servo feeder
nc servo feeder