1. To formulate a detailed stamping production plan.
a. Make a production plan so that all relevant operators fully understand the meaning of all signals, signs and symbols.
b. While preventing problems before they happen, after carefully confirming the safety, start the uncoiler straightener feeder and start stamping production.

2. Set signs and safety guardrails around the uncoiler straightener feeder.
a. Please set up signs and safety guardrails as required.
b. Do not climb the safety barrier, and do not place objects inside the barrier.

3. Reorganize and clean around the stamping production line.
a. The production workshop should be reorganized frequently.
b. Do not place scraps and tools on the ground.

4. Please be sure to carry out daily maintenance and regular maintenance on the uncoiler straightener feeder.
a. Before the operation of the uncoiler straightener feeder starts, daily inspection and regular inspection should be carried out according to the inspection and maintenance of Henli’s instruction manual.
b. If an abnormality occurs, it must be repaired immediately.
c. If it is operated under abnormal conditions, it may cause major disasters and personal accidents.

5. When preparing for operation, it is also necessary to confirm the safety.
a. When turning on the power or turning on the air pressure, make sure there are no other workers around the equipment.
b. When turning on the power supply of the hydraulic station, it should be confirmed whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the mark.

6. During operation, maintain the correct posture.
a. When operating, do not approach the machine or look around.

7. During the stamping production process, please wear work clothes.
a. When operating or overhauling the feeder, wear a safety helmet, safety shoes, and full-body clothing.

8. Check the safety device of the uncoiler straightener feeder.
a. Check whether all safety devices such as switches and protection devices are assembled correctly and whether they are damaged.
b. If any abnormality occurs to these devices, repair them immediately.

9. Replacement of worn parts of uncoiler straightener feeder.
a. In order to maximize the performance of the feeder and use the machine more safely, it is necessary to regularly check the parts and replace them as needed.
b. When you need to consult and purchase accessories, you only need to simply provide the model number of the purchased uncoiler straightener feeder, and Henli can skillfully check out the accessories you need for you and arrange delivery for you in time.

10. The uncoiler straightener feeder has a heavy coil material, and the coil material may fall during the handling and loading and unloading process, so it is necessary to work within the required height.
a. When hoisting the coiled material, do not lift the coiled material to an unnecessary height.
b. Make sure that there are no other operators in and around the moving direction of the coil.
c. Do not stand under the roll material.

11. The coil material should be loaded after the preparatory work of the uncoiler is completed.
a. When adjusting the mandrel of the uncoiler to the narrowing end, load the coil material.
b. When loading the coil, do not put your hands between the mandrel, the side guide roller of the coil and the coil.

12. After the uncoiler straightener feeder finishes loading the coil, expand the mandrel, and fix the coil with the coil side guide roller at the same time. If the coil is not fixed, the coil may fall.

13. When cutting the packaging tape of the coil, in order to prevent the front end of the coil from bouncing and causing danger, please cut it under the conditions described below.
a. Expand the mandrel and make sure to fix the roll material.
b. The coil pressing arm must be firmly pressed against the steel coil.

14. When the coil passes through the working roller of the straightener feeder, do not operate it by hand.
a. If the coil is energized by hand, it may cause injury due to the edge of the coil.
b. It is very dangerous to operate with an unreasonable posture.

15. After the power is turned on, the safety must be confirmed before the feeding operation.
a. Before operation, confirm whether there are tools and obstacles on the exit side and whether there are other operators.

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