1. Before starting to overhaul and maintain the decoiler straightener feeder, read the operation manual carefully.
a. Before starting the inspection and maintenance work, read the operation manual carefully to understand the inspection and maintenance methods.
b. Especially for the precautions related to safety, it is necessary to read repeatedly, and then carry out safety operations after understanding.

2. During the maintenance process, wear labor protection equipment.
a. During the maintenance process, you should wear labor protection equipment. If you do not wear labor protection equipment during the operation, there will be a risk of injury.

3. After cutting off the power supply or air source, carry out other operations.
a. During inspection and maintenance, stop the decoiler straightener feeder, and turn off the power and air source.
b. Start the operation after confirming that the decoiler straightener feeder pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic circuit and residual pressure are “0”.
c. It is dangerous to operate while the decoiler straightener feeder is running.

4. Hang up the notice board that is being overhauled and maintained.
a. Before the start of inspection and maintenance work, a notice board that is being inspected should be hung on the switch of the operation panel and the switch of the press punching machine.
b. In the process of repair and maintenance, if someone accidentally starts the machine, it is easy to cause a safety accident.

5. Use the correct tools during the operation.
a. Using inappropriate tools will lead to danger. Use the right tool for the job.
b. During maintenance, if the tools used are not suitable, the parts of the decoiler straightener feeder will be damaged and the overall performance of the decoiler straightener feeder will be affected.

6. Unrelated persons are prohibited from entering.
a. Non-inspection and maintenance personnel are not allowed to approach the decoiler straightener feeder that is undergoing maintenance operations.

7. The action part is dangerous.
a. In the operation of overhauling the action state, it is necessary to arrange assistants, and more than two personnel should carry it out.
b. When an emergency occurs, the assistant must be able to stop the decoiler straightener feeder immediately.
c. It is best not to touch the moving part.
d. If the body or tools come into contact with the rotating center shaft, chain, etc., they will be caught or involved, which may easily lead to safety accidents.

8. Be careful when removing parts with internal pressure.
a. The pneumatic cylinder and air line of the decoiler straightener feeder sometimes form high pressure. If disassembly is not done with care, high-pressure gas and debris can be sprayed into the eyes and skin, causing significant injury.
b. Slowly release the pressure, and then disassemble when the pressure gauge shows “0”.

9. When maintaining the decoiler straightener feeder, the grease should use the specified grease.
a. The grease used should meet the specified viscosity.
b. Do not mix different types of oils.
c. Changes in composition will cause performance degradation.

10. Use clean grease.
a. Use clean grease.
b. Be careful not to mix impurities and moisture.

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