The powerful thick plate 3 in 1 press feed line, also known as the liftable high-tension thick plate 3 in 1 press feed line, is an exclusive automated model designed for the production of high-tensile (yield strength critical value of 600N/mm²) and thick plates (with a thickness of 8mm-12mm).

Advancements in the Powerful Thick Plate 3 in 1 Press Feed Line

Compared to the thick plate 3 in 1 press feed line, the powerful thick plate 3 in 1 press feed line introduces several improvements. It not only enhances the leveling, feed drum diameter, and servo motor power but also incorporates a flip-open structure for the leveling feed head. Furthermore, the leveling adjustment has been optimized by utilizing a servo control system for precise fine-tuning, replacing the traditional manual worm and gear adjustments. The most significant improvement lies in the addition of two essential devices – the material receiving device and the material feeding clamp system, both contributing to the fully automated production of high-tensile thick plate materials during the material feeding, leveling, and feeding processes.

Material Receiving Device: Enhancing Material Handling

The material receiving device of the powerful thick plate 3 in 1 press feed line is composed of various components such as a bracket, rotating shaft, crank, two reliable driving hydraulic cylinders, edge wall panels, material guiding rollers, upper plate, and middle plate. The bracket is securely installed on the side wall of the leveling feed head, while the rotating shaft is hinged on the bracket. A crank connects the rotating shaft to the dependable driving hydraulic cylinder. The rotating shaft features wall panels with curved edges at both ends, with material guiding rollers installed along the curved edges. The middle section comprises an upper plate and a middle plate, with the latter equipped with the second driving hydraulic cylinder to drive the movable clamping plate located between the upper and middle plates.

Working Process of the Material Receiving Device

When the sheet material is uncoiled at the beginning of the 3 in 1 press feed line, and the material head is sent to the front of the material receiving device through the material supporting device, the material receiving device comes into action. The rotating shaft rotates forward at a certain angle, driven by the reliable hydraulic cylinder and the crank. This allows the incoming material head to make a smooth contact with the material receiving device and continue its transportation along the guiding rollers. Once the material enters between the protruding guiding plate in front of the upper plate and the movable clamping plate, the second hydraulic cylinder activates, causing the movable clamping plate to move upwards and securely clamp the incoming material. Subsequently, the entire material receiving device reverses backward under the driving of the reliable hydraulic cylinder and the crank, bringing the clamped material to a position opposite to the entrance of the feeding clamp system. Once the material is securely held by the feeding clamp system, the second hydraulic cylinder is activated again to move the movable clamping plate downward, releasing the material, thus initiating the material feeding process.

Material Feeding Clamp System: Ensuring Precision and Flattening

The material feeding clamp system in the powerful thick plate 3 in 1 press feed line comprises two critical components – the material guiding device and the material head flattening device.

Material Guiding Device: Achieving Accurate Positioning

The material guiding device consists of a material supporting frame and material-blocking rollers. Its primary function is to adjust the distance between the material-blocking rollers on the material supporting frame, ensuring precise alignment of the material width with the distance between the two guiding wheels. This alignment guides the incoming material to the middle position, ensuring accurate entry into the leveling feed head.

Material Head Flattening Device: Facilitating Smooth Entry

The material head flattening device is composed of driving hydraulic cylinders, material pressing rollers, and material supporting plates. The driving hydraulic cylinder propels the material pressing roller to work in conjunction with the material supporting plate, effectively flattening the material head. This flattening process facilitates its smooth entry into the leveling feed head, further optimizing the production efficiency.

In conclusion, the powerful thick plate 3 in 1 press feed line brings substantial advancements in automating the production of high-tensile and thick plates. With the material receiving device and material feeding clamp system working in harmony, this state-of-the-art machinery ensures precise handling and efficient material processing, making it a valuable asset for modern manufacturing industries.

3 in 1 press feed line
3 in 1 press feed line