HENLI’s Power Line coil feeding lines have been specially developed to meet the needs of customers in the supplier sector. The product range comprises various high-performance basic models of our coil lines which are suitable for all press types.

Modular design for greater flexibility. The basic models consist of precisely-defined subassemblies. This provides our customers clear cost benefits and fast delivery of both equipment and components. The modular design of the coil feeding lines also enables fast and economical retrofits with a comprehensive range of options. This increases flexibility while keeping costs down – you can react quickly to changing requirements with only modest investments.

what you need – what we offer


  • Fast delivery of equipment and components
  • Adapted to all press types
  • Scalable weight classes > Light > Medium > Heavy
  • Wide range of retrofit options
  • Can be configured for production of structural parts and outer panels
  • Meets customer-specific requirements
  • Easy, rapid retrofit


  • Flexible interface with existing press systems
  • Defined interfaces to key line components

Variable degrees of automation:

  • Manual or automated adjustment of parameters
  • Visualization/graphic display

Attractive price/performance ratio: 

  • Clear cost advantage due to modular design and preconfigured components
  • High output performance thanks to use of servo technology
  • Energy-efficient thanks to optimal drive design

User-friendly line operation:

  • Intuitive operation concept
  • Easy fault correction/debugging
  • Online diagnostics

User-friendly line operation: 

  • Intuitive operation concept
  • Easy fault correction/debugging
  • Online diagnostics

The line components


The decoiler is designed for coils with an outside diameter up to 2,000 mm. The strip is drawn off the coil from above by means of a threading wedge. Loading is handled by a stationary coil-loading platform.

Example options:

  • Single or double guiding of the coil by means of automatic coil side guiding: during product changeovers, a coil side guiding located on the upright side can be adjusted automatically to the required coil width. The loading-side guiding is hydraulic.
  • Enlarging the expansion range: the expansion range can be enlarged for greater inside coil diameters by means of slip-on clamping inserts on the adapter end of the decoiler mandrel or automatically via an expander.


The automatic coil tension controller between the decoiler and the straightener draws the strip from the decoiler and transports the straightened coil material into the loop pit. The traction of the lower draw-in rollers and straightening rollers ensures continuous strip transport and also enables the coils to be rewound in reverse operating mode. By using the automatically calculated adjustment values, the operator can achieve optimal straightening results through individual adjustment.

Example options: 

HENLI straightening roller concept: by using straightening rollers with varying and perfectly coordinated roller diameters, a larger coil thickness range can be straightened.

NC feed

The NC feed, which advances the strip material, is located on the ifeed side of the press by means of an attachment fixture. This enables flexible adaptation to the press infeed height.

Example options: 

  • Residual strip processing with magnetic transport belt: a height-adjustable magnetic transport belt is used to bridge the gap between the roll feed and the die. It consists of a central, telescoping magnetic belt and side rollers that can be manually attached or detached depending on coil width. This greatly increases material utilization.
  • Zig-zag: this option is particularly interesting for the processing of circular blanks. Automated computerassisted calculation in conjunction with an intuitive operator interface optimizes the processing of circular blanks.