Dongguan SYDA Industrial Robot Co., Ltd. (Henli Machinery), one of the key guarantee materials for epidemic prevention and control in Guangdong Province, was able to pass the review of the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and received the support of the local government to vigorously produce anti-epidemic materials-Mask Making Machines. Mainly because of our company has the professional technical team and equipment quality support.

PLC as an Important part of Mask Machine Machine.We chose the Japanese Panasonic Programmable Logic Controller–PLC .According to our practical experience and tests, this program is more stable and performs better than domestic brand programs. Even if the cost increases, we must pursue high-quality machines.

The following are the advantages of Panasonic PLC -Programmable Logic Controller:

  1. Online operation with the Mask printing  machine, one-key operation to start and stop, easy to operate.
  2. There is a cumulative production report, the name of the operator can be set, the production report within a month can be tracked, and the time can be extracted at will,which is more convenient for the production management of the factory.
  3. Online alarm processing. For example, if an alarm occurs on the part of ear loop,the mask printing machine  stops operating immediately, which will only cause a maximum of 2 pieces of defective products. Avoid the mask printing machine still operating even when the part of ear loop alarms, resulting in an increase in the defect rate and waste(If use the X system,such situation will be occur).
  4. The ear loop leaks clamping alarm, the knot alarm, the ear loop tension alarm, and the alarm settings for various defective rates are complete.
  5. If the operator is familiar with the functionality of the equipment, offline production can be realized, and one person can take care of multiple production lines. If use X system ,it can not realize resource sharing.
  6. Panasonic’s PLC has 10 speed settings, the system automatically allocates speeds, and the no.5 speeds can reach 80 pieces/min. The system speed stock is large, making the equipment more stable