1. Exquisite structure and space saving: the 3 in 1 coil feeding line is composed of a material rack, leveling, and feeding three functions into one machine, which includes loading coil, driving coil, leveling coil , and feeding coil. All can be completed by one person on the independent console.It greatly saves labor, thus effectively solving the problem of uncoordinated leveling and feeding, achieving high-speed leveling and feeding effect, and at the same time, the whole machine is strong and beautiful.

2. The feeding action is convenient and safe: the 3 in 1 coil feeding line is equipped with a hydraulic coil car to automatically feed the material, saving time and effort. Use the pressing arm to press the material head to prevent bulk material and bullet wounding, fast feeding, and realize efficient automatic production.

3. High discharge speed: The material rack part adopts three sets of photoelectric automatic control to ensure the synchronization with the leveling and feeding part. Effectively realize uncoiling, leveling and feeding at high speed, so and improve the discharging speed.

4. Durable and wear-resistant: The feeding roller and the leveling wheel are specially heat-treated, with high hardness (HRC62 degree), wear-resistant and long service life.

5. Easy to operate and easy to learn: The operation panel adopts a color LCD display, a large-size touch screen, and a high-definition operation screen. It can automatically adjust what size input is needed, which is very intelligent. It is also equipped with an end detection function to avoid mis-punching and maximize the protection of the stamping die.