Hello everyone, I am Monkey Ho, and it’s time for me to share with you the  somethings of our company this week.

Yesterday, I had received the client who came to our factory last month and to place an order. Last time the client purchased 4 set air feeders at our factory. Because our quality is very good, the clients repurchased this time, and now we cooperate again, because the quality of the machine with our service attitude, we have become a business partner, and our clients are full of praise for our machines.

Here is the news I shared last time:

Last time the client visited our factory and purchased the air feeder,the client is his company’s has 20 years experience engineer. The engineer and the boss came to our factory this time, ours communication was very pleasant, and now was ordered 4 set automatic high speed roll feeder machine at our factory. , here is our photo of this time,plz see below:

These customers have purchased 4 set automatic high speed roll feeder machine. Because of his speed, we are the best in this industry. We are very honored that our customers are transiting to buy our machines. The automatic high speed roll feeder is the fastest in the normal feeder, so many customers will choose this feeder when they are looking for speed.

Our roller feeder has several features. First, it adopts one-way bearing, has super hard alloy, and is equipped with roller bearing. It has wear resistance, high precision and long service life. The gear is heat treated HRC60° and then precision grinding. The transmission accuracy is high.Second, regarding the roller, we adopt a hollow type, light weight, small rotation inertia, and can be stopped immediately. Third, used the advanced clutch plate, the two sides are completely released, the service life is long, the stability is good, and the precision is high. Fourth, the reverse device structure is the same as the one-way device. It can control the lower wheel accurately. If it is used for a long time, it will not cause the lower wheel to reverse and cause the brake to malfunction due to the residual oil splashed during the stamping. The wheel is reversed and the distance is not accurate. The reverse device is equipped with a speed of up to 30 meters per minute.

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