This week, our factory hosted a customer from Pakistan and needed to come to the factory to find a new partner. The customer is an engineer with 20 years of experience, bringing the process map and design drawings, and his factory’s feeder operation video, and the picture to come to our factory to customize the non-standard air feeder and our standard air feeder-AF4C.

Throughout the pleasant communication, the customer was very satisfied with our factory, and finally ordered 4 air feeders for sample trials and had a pleasant cooperation. Below is our photo:

Pakistani client come our factory to order air feeders

Pakistani client come our factory to order air feeders

The air feeder is the earliest feeding device used in the stamping industry. The principle is to clamp the material through the cylinder and feed it by the telescopic stroke of the other cylinder. The feeding length is determined by the cylinder stroke. Advantages: easy to operate, easy to install, low price, can achieve 200 times per minute stamping.

The air automatic feeder occupies a small space, which is conducive to the layout of the equipment in the production workshop. The traditional type of feeding mode, the material rack and the straightening machine, and the “waiting area” must be kept at a certain distance between the straightening machine and the feeding device to ensure the smooth production, increase the space occupation ratio, and make the feeding process more complete. The complexity.

The air automatic feeder has many styles, and the utility is also very good, and the use process is simple. Reasonable use can greatly increase the quality of the company is a very good choice, especially for the small and medium-sized enterprises in development, mainly at affordable prices.

Here is an article I wrote before, detailing the structural characteristics of the feeder: