Coil sheet winding is the first process in metal coil stamping production line. Decoiler machine is always the first choice for winding work. Performance of decoiling work determins your stamping production line efficiency and quality stage. So it is important to find the proper and best decoiler machine. I would like to talk some of its features below:

1)     Adapt to various stamping material

Many of our customers worry about if decoiler machine can adapt to some other materials. Each products have its own features and material property. Production line with same machines may be change a lot, when products change. In fact, decoiler machine has little restriction to stamping materials. Only parameters you need to consider is the Max. coil stock width and Max. loading capacity. Material will have no impact to decoiler machine. But you will have to take material into consideration when you chose some other coil handing machines, like coil leveler straightener, servo feeder, and compact nc straightener feeder machine.

decoiler machine adapt to various stamping material

2)     Working with coil handling machines

Decoiler machine is wonderful to finish uncoiling or winding work on a punch stamping line. But coil handling work is not only decoiling, but also need to straightening and feed. Decoiler machine is easy to work with most common coil handling machines, like metal sheet coil straightener machine and coil feeder machine. If only you have got a straightener or feeder, and need to buy a decoiler machine to work with, only factor you need to remind is MAX. coil width. With right coil width, decoiler can work well with your other machines.

decoiler machine working with coil handling machines

3) Loading Capacity can reach 15 tons

There are many kinds of decoiler machine, loading capacity ranges from a few hundred kilometers to 10 or 20 tons. HENLI MACHINERY provides both OEM and ODM service for customers. We have large stock for popular standard models, and provide free design support for customers’ special requirements. For huge heavy decoiler machines, like 10/ 15/ 20 tons, decoler machine might equips some optional devices. I display some of them at below pictures.

decoiler machine Loading Capacity can reach 15 tons

4) Coil stock width can reach 1600mm

Most coils for hardware stamping line is within 600mm, but some lines, like metal strip slitting line / cold roll uncoiler shearing lines, can reach 1600mm or more than 2000mm. non-motorized decoilers is mainly used for tiny or small hardware stamping (0 – 3.2mm). If material is thick (0 – 4.5mm), then you might need an motorized decoiler with holding arm. When material is extra wide( more than 1000mm), or high gauge types, your need powerful heavy decoiler machine, which will equips coil shaft end support. You can refer below pictures.

decoiler machine coil stock width can reach 1600mm