As for coil handling precessing equipment, heavy duty decoiler is a quite common machine. We can also call it uncoiler, reel or cradle. The decoiler is for uncoiling, recoiling applications. It can be fitted with a variety of drive and braking systems, combined with coil cars. Pinch rolls, power straighteners, overarms, rolling mills or configured as a stand alone machine. This time my Indonesian client also placed an order of heavy duty decoiler MT-1300. His requirement on this decoiler are: pressing arm with motor, hydraulic expansion cylinder and station, DELTA inverter, coil car and hydraulic spindle head support. These are all belongs to our selective equipments, which can be required by customers. More product details you can view our product link of heavy duty decoiler:

heavy duty decoiler of MT1300
  • Selective equipment

  1. If your coil thickness beyond 2mm and it is flexible material, then you need to add a pressing arm like so that it can stop coil spreading out. If your coil thickness is extra thick and extra flexible, then we need to add a motor on the pressing arm.
  2. Hydraulic expansion could be equipped when coil weight is more than 3 tons.
  3. Inverter can offer adjustable speed according to customer’s needs.
  4. If the coil weight is more than 10ton, then need to add a spindle head support, which we need to adjust by manual, or you can choose by lifting reducer. If more than 15ton, then need to change by hydraulic adjustment.
  • Advantages

  1. Suited to wide ranges of material.
  2. Give precise control of the material.
  3. Can unwind or rewind.
  4. Available with various drive and brake systems.
  5. Prevents damage to soft, prefinished, and mark sensitive materials.
  6. Quick release coil keepers.

This kind of heavy duty decoiler is quite popular in Russia, Ukraine, South-East Asia, North America and South America. You can see our transaction history of this decoiler machine as below both photo and alibaba link:


At last, I’d like to show you a photo with my Indonesian client, Hope the production in his factory is getting larger and larger, better and better!

SALES WITH OUR Indonesian client