My last article introduced the packing machine, and what I need to recommend to you today is the UV disinfection machine that is equipped with our mask machine production line. Because two sets of production lines are about to be sent to Africa this week, thank you very much for your trust,our sincere customers.

The two production lines are a set of KN95 automatic mask making production line and a set of 1+2 type flat mask fully automatic production line. We can make a suitable adjust the layout size of the production line within the scope of the structure without affecting the equipment according to the customer’s production workshop space.

At present, we are conducting a second test on the equipment, the purpose is to ensure that the equipment will not cause any minor problems to the customer’s site and affect the customer’s production arrangement.

Attached below are some of our topics today: pictures and videos in the debugging of the UV disinfection machine.

The working principle of the UV disinfection machine is that the ultraviolet sterilization band is mainly between 200~300 nm, among which 253.7 wavelengths have the strongest bactericidal ability.

Widely used in hospitals, food, Chinese herbal medicine, food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, health products factory, medical products, food factory, cosmetics factory, dairy factory, brewery, beverage factory, bakery and packaging products factory, etc.

Main dimensions of machine 

  • Machinelength:2000mm
    2、 UV working area :1300mm
    3、 Feed operational area:350mm
    4、Discharge area:350mm
    5、 Entrance and exit height:200mm (adjustable)
    6、Entrance and exit width:  600mm
    7、 Conveyor belt to ground:750±50mm

Main Structure of machine:

  1. Work area tunnelouter body: 1.2mmStainless steel plate
  2.  Work Area Tunnel: 1.2 mm Fine stainless steel plate

Body support:Fang Tong Steel Set

conveyor   :   Advanced Teflon mesh

Conveying drum: Friction resistant roller

Conveyor power: according to the production needs, the conveying speed is 0-20m/min adjustable.

 Electrical part of equipment

  1.   Inorganic speed regulation range:0-5m/min adjustable

Transport motor:90W

Governor:infinite speed variation

Ammeter: 20A set

working voltage:220V

 UV UV sterilization section:

  1. Sterilization lamp length :550~1000 mmAdopt 10 sets of 150 W ultraviolet sterilization special lamp tube. evenly distributed in the upper and lower sides of the furnace cavity, and the utilization rate of ultraviolet light can reach 95%(sterilization time is about 1 minute).
  2.  In and out of the sterilization area has a light-free area, with a mask and adjustable baffle.The shell is made of stainless steel bending, the whole machine is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The bottom is equipped with four brake movable casters for easy movement.
  3. Transmission part:  Adopt 90 W without pole speed regulationmotor to adjust the speed, with digital display without pole speed regulation and line speed meter, digital display of several degrees, the speed is uniform 0-5 meters / minute adjustable.

(1) Adopt advanced Teflon net belt transmission, the middle is provided with towing board.  Before and after equipped with adjustable active and passive roller, is conducive to the net belt is not easy to run while scraping its net belt.

(2)   Each group of sterilization lamp can be controlled separately, adding adjustable UV lamp angle adjustment device.The total length of the lamp tube is 247 mm, the wavelength is 254.7 mm, the sterilization rate can reach 95%. Equipped with automatic timer, can monitor the use time of lamp tube at any time, convenient lamp tube replacement. If the product is slag, you can use a tray on the conveyor belt sterilization.

Protector Part

1.Over-voltage overcurrent protection

  1. Fault alert prompt)
  2. Equipment overload protection

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Thank you for reading!