Streamlining Operations with NC Servo Feeder Parameters

Setting up your NC servo feeder efficiently is crucial for maximizing productivity. Once the parameter configuration is finalized and your feeder is in regular operation mode, ensuring seamless functionality becomes essential. If there’s no requirement to alter the feeding length, a straightforward approach can significantly enhance your workflow.

Transitioning to Automatic Mode

Upon powering on, simply navigate to the operation screen and press F6 to seamlessly switch to automatic mode. This streamlined process expedites production, eliminating unnecessary manual interventions.

Precision Wiring for Punching Press Control

In scenarios necessitating precise control over your punching press, meticulous wiring is paramount. Adhering to on-site specifications is critical for optimal performance. When employing 220V solenoid valves or electromagnets, configuring the cut-off time via the designated screen enhances operational efficiency.

Effective Terminal Connections

Connecting your electromagnet or solenoid valve directly to terminals 14 and 15 within the electrical box ensures reliable functionality. For 24V solenoid valves, establishing connections to terminals 24- and 13 is recommended. Additionally, controlling a 380V electromagnet mandates splitting a wire and linking it to terminals 10 and 10, while retaining the original machine’s power supply for sustained electromagnet operation.

Optimal Feeding Signal Placement

Strategically triggering the feeding signal of your NC servo feeder between 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock on the punching press optimizes operational precision. Relaxing denotes pin release during mold insertion, while clamping occurs at the bottom dead center, ensuring seamless workflow execution.

Efficient Maintenance Protocols

When conducting inspections or maintenance on the pneumatic device of your NC servo feeder, prioritizing safety measures is imperative. Begin by shutting off the air source and releasing any residual air to facilitate smooth maintenance procedures.

Embracing these efficient practices ensures seamless operation and maximizes the potential of your NC servo feeder setup. By optimizing production efficiency and adhering to meticulous wiring standards, you pave the way for enhanced productivity and streamlined operations.

NC servo feeder
NC servo feeder