In the prevailing precision metal sheet stamping automation assembly line, the metallic sheet is unrolled from a sturdy material rack. It is then straightened using a precision leveller, followed by an automatic machining process completed by a feeder installed beside the press. This technique warrants a significant waiting area between the precision leveller and feeder, more so with a large-tonnage press, typically extending beyond 3 meters. Such requirements lead to an expansive production line, diminishing the workshop space efficiency. They also impact the synchronicity between levelling and feeding, posing a challenge to maintaining reliable stamping accuracy, crucial for contemporary precision machining production.

An Innovation for Stamping Clients: The 2-in-1 Precision Levelling Feeder

To counter these challenges, we’ve engineered the 2-in-1 precision levelling feeder tailored specifically for our stamping clientele. This machine is a fusion of the precision leveller and NC feeder, resulting in a compact design that brings together both levelling and feeding functionalities. As it straightens the metal sheet, it concurrently feeds the succeeding processing apparatus, obviating the need for a waiting area. This condensed machine, exhibiting superior synchronicity, significantly amplifies workshop space efficiency, enhances levelling and feeding precision, and improves the quality of the stamped products.

Technological Upgrades in the 2-in-1 Precision Levelling Feeder

The 2-in-1 precision levelling feeder’s drive mechanism has transitioned from a conventional motor and gearbox drive to a Mitsubishi servo motor precision CNC drive. The electrical control system adopts the industry’s gold standard: a Mitsubishi servo motor and driver, Mitsubishi PLC, and a 7-inch high-precision touchscreen. Additionally, the levelling and feeding structure, roller arrangement, drive, and gap layout have all undergone meticulous calculations and measurements, ascertaining elevated levelling and feeding accuracy along with steady stability.

User-Friendly Operations and Enhanced Safety

In terms of operations, the 2-in-1 precision levelling feeder isolates the control box from the main body, fundamentally ensuring operational safety and forestalling vibration damage to the electrical components. A 7-inch high-precision touchscreen control, augmented with a handheld operation box, ensures simple and quick trial runs, setting, and usage.

The Functional Cycle of the 2-in-1 Precision Levelling Feeder

Upon loading the material into the 2-in-1 precision levelling feeder, the feeding servo motor springs into action. The material navigates between the upper and lower feeding rollers, and the levelling machine head swings into operation. During the feed moment, the material is straightened between the lower levelling roller mechanism and the upper levelling roller mechanism.

When the feed is appropriately positioned, the press commences its stamping activity. Once the die’s guide pin interacts with the positioning hole in the material, a series of actions take place. The rotating cylinder lifts the upper feeding roller, while the piston rod of the opening and closing cylinder extends, raising the upper base plate and upper levelling roller mechanism. This action momentarily disengages the upper feeding roller and the levelling work roller from the material, relaxing it and positioning it using the die’s guide pin.

Upon the die’s completion of its stamping action and the guide pin’s detachment from the positioning hole, the rotating cylinder restores the upper feeding roller to its initial position and clamps the material. Concurrently, the piston rod retracts, returning the upper base plate and the levelling work roller to their original positions, clamping the material.

Once the die is entirely open, the feeding servo motor of the 2-in-1 precision levelling feeder activates for feeding. During the feeding moment, the levelling machine head resumes levelling the material. This cycle repeats, thereby realizing the levelling and feeding of the material in a seamless and efficient manner.

2-in-1 Precision Levelling Feeder
2-in-1 Precision Levelling Feeder