Efficiency and precision are paramount in the industrial machinery landscape, and the NC servo feeder embodies these qualities to perfection. This article explores the functions and advantages of the NC servo feeder, highlighting its pivotal role in enhancing material feeding processes.

The Functionality of the NC Servo Feeder

When it’s time for material feeding in the operation of the NC servo feeder, a meticulously orchestrated process comes into play. The press triggers a signal to the feeder, and this is where the magic happens. The PLC takes control of the servo motor, which drives the lower roller via a synchronous belt pulley. The lower roller, in turn, sets the upper roller in motion through a gear mechanism, facilitating incremental feeding of the feeder. As relaxation time approaches, the press issues a relaxation signal to the feeder. The relaxation cylinder then elevates the upper roller, disengaging it from the material for complete relaxation. Notably, the CNC system adheres to the highest industry standards by combining Mitsubishi PLC with Yaskawa servo motors, resulting in an optimized electrical control combination. These precise conditions ensure stable and superior product quality for material feeding across various materials through the NC servo feeder.

Extensive Feeding Pitch and Multi-Stage Feeding Production

One of the most distinctive features of the NC servo feeder is its extensive feeding pitch and the ability to support multi-stage feeding production. The feeding step for the NC servo feeder can reach an impressive 10 meters, surpassing any other punching feeder on the market. Furthermore, it offers multi-stage feeding functionality, allowing for a seamless transition between different molds and stamping processes. Adjusting the feeding height on the NC servo feeder is a straightforward process, fulfilling the fundamental need for versatile production demanded by customers.

User-Friendly Operation and Adjustment

User experience is at the forefront of the NC servo feeder’s design. It features an intuitive touchscreen point-control operation, making it easy for users to adjust step size, feeding speed, and the number of stages efficiently. Additionally, it comes equipped with a handle for inching testing, ensuring that users find it highly convenient and user-friendly. This ease of operation and adjustment streamlines processes and boosts productivity.

Reliability and Low Maintenance

The NC servo feeder is renowned for its reliability and minimal maintenance requirements, which are key factors influencing customers’ choice. Its rollers are crafted from imported bearing steel, subjected to heat treatment, coated with hard chrome, and precisely ground, ensuring high hardness, exceptional wear resistance, and an extended lifespan. Critical components such as bearings, major electrical elements, and buttons are sourced from Japan, ensuring faultless operation over the long term. The servo motor comes with automatic fault detection and resolution capabilities, offering customers a dependable and timely solution to any issues that may arise and guaranteeing the efficient utilization of their working time.

In conclusion, the NC servo feeder plays a crucial role in various industries, offering precise and efficient material feeding. Its extensive feeding pitch, support for multi-stage feeding, user-friendly operation, and high reliability make it a standout choice for manufacturers aiming to achieve excellence in their processes. By choosing the NC servo feeder, industries can enhance their efficiency and overall productivity, making it a prudent investment for the future.

NC Servo Feeder
NC Servo Feeder