Introduction to Hardware Terminal Stamping Automation

In various manufacturing sectors such as automotive, telecommunications, computer, aerospace, and household appliances, hardware terminals serve as crucial components for establishing electrical connections. The demand for these terminals is substantial, accompanied by stringent quality standards and the need for high precision. To meet these demands effectively, automated stamping processes employing high-speed coil-fed presses have become indispensable. As a result, automatic feeding machine equipment plays a pivotal role as a stamping auxiliary device in ensuring efficient production processes.

Types of High-Speed Press Automation Production Lines

  1. Horizontal Decoiler + High-Speed Gripper Feeder + High-Speed Press + Photoelectric Terminal CollectorThis setup represents a prevalent configuration for stamping hardware terminals using high-speed presses. The horizontal decoiler facilitates rapid uncoiling of various metal coils, while the high-speed gripper feeder ensures swift and highly automated feeding to the press. The integration of a photoelectric terminal collector enables automatic coiling of terminal strips, facilitating full automation in hardware terminal stamping processes.

    Key Features:

    • The high-speed gripper feeder achieves speeds of up to 1200 strokes per minute with a feeding accuracy of 0.01mm, enabling the high-speed press to demonstrate optimal high-speed and high-precision stamping performance.
    • The photoelectric terminal collector regulates coiling speed and start/stop actions without direct contact with the terminal strip, ensuring pristine coiling outcomes without compromising terminal surface integrity.

    Optional Equipment:

    • Precision straightening machine for coil straightening and stress relief.
    • Automatic coil changer for terminal strips.
    • Waste suction machine for automated removal of stamping waste, preventing mold jamming and maintaining workshop cleanliness.
  2. Horizontal Decoiler + High-Speed Roller Feeder + High-Speed Press + Inductive FeederThis configuration offers an economical alternative for stamping hardware terminals with high-speed presses. Leveraging the high-speed roller feeder and inductive feeder, this setup provides cost-effective solutions compared to other configurations.

    Key Features:

    • Customers can achieve high-speed terminal stamping production with smaller investments, making it a viable option for businesses seeking cost-efficient automation solutions.
  3. Vertical Terminal Feeding Rack + Precision Straightening Machine + NC Servo Feeder + High-Speed PressPrimarily utilized for secondary stamping of terminal strips, this configuration incorporates a vertical terminal feeding rack for uncoiling purposes. Equipped with avoidance grooves, both the precision straightening machine and NC servo feeder rollers facilitate automatic avoidance of initial processing of terminals, enabling lossless secondary stamping processing.


The utilization of high-speed press automation production lines revolutionizes hardware terminal stamping processes, offering enhanced efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness. By understanding the various configurations available and their respective features, manufacturers can make informed decisions to optimize their production workflows and stay competitive in the industry.


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