The automatic feeding and cutting production line revolutionizes material handling processes. This advanced system integrates a heavy-duty decoiler, material leveling machine, NC servo feeder, shearing machine, conveyor belt, and stacking platform. Designed to automate decoiling, leveling, feeding, shearing, conveying, and stacking, it eliminates the need for manual intervention, making it the perfect solution for precision cutting and feeding tasks.

Customizable Automatic Feeding and Cutting Production Lines

Our production lines are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Here’s a detailed look at the essential components:

Heavy-Duty Decoiler (Typically Hydraulic)

Structure and Operation

The hydraulic decoiler features a vertical feeding structure with an integrated motor and reducer. The main shaft is blade-type, equipped with a linkage expansion mechanism, plated surface, and four sets of centering blades. Supported by a welded steel frame, the decoiler operates through hydraulic expansion. A 24V floor-mounted sensing frame or photoelectric switch controls its operation.


  • Coil Inner Diameter: 508mm, Expansion Range: 450mm~530mm
  • Decoiler Speed: 0-16m/min
  • Main Shaft Material: High-carbon steel (quenched and tempered)
  • Material Pressing Arm: Pneumatic, steel frame
  • Power: 37.5HP motor, Load Capacity: 3000kg-20000kg
  • Brake System: Disc brake
  • Lubrication: Manual
  • Feeding Method: Bottom feeding

Material Leveling Machine

Structure and Precision Control

Constructed with a welded steel body, the leveling machine features upper and lower staggered rollers for precise material leveling. Controlled by a frequency converter, it ensures smooth operation and high precision.


  • Feed Rollers: Bearing steel (SUJ2)
  • Working Rollers: 11 rollers (upper 5, lower 6) with 1 eccentric auxiliary roller
  • Roller Diameter: 48-60mm
  • Surface Treatment: Hard chrome plating, hardness HRC60±2 degrees
  • Speed Range: 0-16m/min
  • Transmission Power: 3~7.5HP motor
  • Lubrication: Manual centralized grease
  • Roller Adjustment: Manual, with dial gauge and scale for thickness variations
  • Frame: Welded steel structure

NC Servo Feeder

Precision Feeding Mechanism

The NC servo feeder, driven by a servo motor through a synchronous belt wheel, provides precise feeding controlled via a touch screen and PLC. It ensures stable performance and high accuracy (±0.02mm).


  • Relaxation Type: Pneumatic
  • Servo Motor: Yaskawa, 3kw~7.5kw
  • Roller Pressure: Spring-type
  • Feed Roller Material: Bearing steel (SUJ2)
  • Surface Treatment: Hard chrome plating, hardness HRC60±2 degrees

Shearing Machine

Versatile Shearing Options

Available in both mechanical and hydraulic types, the shearing machine offers flexible cutting solutions.


  • Shearing Range: 3*800~1500mm
  • Shearing Frequency: 100 cuts/min
  • Shearing Motor: 1.5kw~7.5kw
  • Blade Material: Cr12MoV
  • Blade Gap Adjustment: Manual

Conveyor Belt

Efficient Material Transport

The belt conveyor efficiently transports sheared steel sheets to the stacking platform.


  • Type: Belt conveyor (1 belt)
  • Belt Width: Approximately 800~1500mm
  • Conveying Speed: 16~20mpm
  • Drive Motor: AC motor 0.75kw 1800rpm (VVVF control), chain drive

Stacking Platform

Advanced Stacking Capabilities

The stacking platform features an adjustable frame for width and length, a hydraulic lift table, and a load capacity of 1500kg. It ensures precise and neat stacking of steel plates.


  • Stacking Width Frame: Electric motor 0.75kw, adjustment speed 8.3mm/sec
  • Stacking Length Frame: Electric motor 0.375kw, adjustment speed 30mm/sec
  • Stacking Lift Table: Hydraulic system, load capacity 1500kg
  • Stacking Stroke: Max height 400mm (excluding base plate)
  • Stacking Weight: 1500kg


  • Feeding Rack: Includes frame, moving beam, side baffles, guide rods, screw rods, motor reducer, chain drive mechanism, and polyurethane feed rollers.
  • Discharge Platform: Side discharge with electric motor 1.5kw, travel speed 4.6mpm, automatic height control via photoelectric switch.


Our automatic feeding and cutting production lines offer a comprehensive, high-efficiency solution tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. By automating material handling processes, these systems enhance productivity, precision, and operational efficiency in stamping and cutting operations.

Cutting Production Line
Cutting Production Line