Adjusting Air Feeding Length for Optimal Performance

To ensure precise air feeding, it’s crucial to adjust the length accordingly. Follow these steps for seamless adjustment:

Loosening the Fine Adjustment Screw

Begin by loosening the fine adjustment screw located below the feeder stopper. This step is essential for initiating the adjustment process.

Removing the Length Adjustment Screw

Next, remove the length adjustment screw. This allows for the installation or removal of the air feeder open spacer, facilitating an increase or decrease in feeding length.

Fine-Tuning the Feeding Length

Connecting to different sizes necessitates fine-tuning the feeding length using the fine adjustment screw. Rotating the screw clockwise shortens the feeding length, while counterclockwise rotation elongates it. Each full rotation of the fine adjustment screw alters the feeding distance by 1mm.

Spacer Removal

Before removing the air feeder spacer, ensure the length adjustment screw is taken out first. The removal of spacers directly correlates with an increase in feeding length.

Measuring Air Feeding Size

Before proceeding with measurement, ensure the air valve switch is closed to prevent gas release. Follow these steps for accurate measurement:

Adjusting the Speed

Rotate the speed adjustment screw counterclockwise one to two turns. This action facilitates easy manual movement of the slider on the body, enabling convenient measurement of the required feeding distance.

Opening the Air Valve Switch

When feeding is required, open the air valve switch. Gas enters the air feeder upon opening. To operate the valve, push it toward the quick connector for closure and in the opposite direction for opening. Upon opening, the lifting rod will automatically rise.

Measurement Procedure

When measuring the required size for air feeding, employ a vernier caliper or block gauge for precise measurements. Ensure the slider is tightly positioned against the spacer for accuracy. The correct method involves measuring the distance between the two guide rails, starting from the spacer on the guide rail. Before measuring, push the slider towards the spacer and then repeat this action three times to obtain an accurate measurement of the required feeding size.

Adjusting the air feeding length and measuring accurately are crucial for optimal performance. By following these steps meticulously, you can ensure smooth and efficient air feeding operations.

Air Feeding
Air Feeding