NC servo feeders have greatly extended the boundaries of automated punching operations. They’ve enhanced the field, enabling not only the automated feeding of small to medium sheet materials, but also facilitating the production of large strips, a feat traditional feeders struggled to achieve. This advanced equipment can process material widths as large as 2000mm. Moreover, the NC servo feeder provides customizable multi-segment feeding and a step distance ranging from 0 to 9999.99mm. These features make them adaptable to an array of large-scale punching machine operations.

Redefining Large-Scale Sheet Metal Punching Production

In large-scale sheet metal punching manufacturing, the maximum punch width often limits the size of the operation. Hence, large NC servo feeders are usually installed at the punch’s front, feeding from the forward position to the back. This strategy enables automated production. However, it presents difficulties when installing and replacing large-scale punching dies. To overcome this hurdle, the industry has introduced an innovative solution: the large-scale movable NC servo feeder.

Features of the Large-Scale Movable NC Servo Feeder

The large-scale movable NC servo feeder comes with an integrated mobile base, making it highly adaptable. This base features two sets of longitudinal movement linear guide rails that are positioned in front of the punch. There’s also a limiting device installed at the end of these rails to secure the connection between the feeder and the punch using fixed bolts.

Installing the Large-Scale Movable NC Servo Feeder: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Position the integrated mobile base of the feeder at the punch’s front end. Ensure that two sets of linear motion guide rails are correctly installed on the base. The base’s relative size and precision must align with the front face of the punch during installation.
  2. Position the body of the NC servo feeder on the feeder’s integrated mobile base.
  3. Utilize the two longitudinal moving linear guide rails on the integrated mobile base to shift the feeder to the punch’s left side. This maneuver leaves space for die installation at the punch’s front end.
  4. Deploy lifting equipment to install the large die on the punch’s work platform. Adjust accordingly to complete the die installation.
  5. Move the feeder from the punch’s left side to the central position, aligning it with the positioning limiting device on the integrated mobile base for benchmark positioning.
  6. Align the feeder and the punch using two positioning holes at the correct location. Insert the positioning pins and secure them.

Advantages of the Large-Scale Movable NC Servo Feeder

The large-scale movable NC servo feeder offers a myriad of benefits:

  • By enabling the feeder’s entire movement, it simplifies the installation, removal, and precise tuning of large dies. This functionality significantly reduces the time spent on die adjustment, installation, and changeover.
  • The high-precision linear motion guide rails and limiting devices assure the relative positional accuracy between the feeder and the punch.
  • It effectively solves the issue of positioning the large NC servo feeder while installing and dismantling large dies.
  • Importantly, it fundamentally ensures the safety of personnel involved in the installation, dismantling, and adjustment of large dies, promoting a safer work environment.

In conclusion, the large-scale movable NC servo feeder has not only streamlined the automated punching process but also has significantly increased efficiency and safety in the industry. Its revolutionary design and functionality promise an exciting future for the field of large-scale sheet metal punching production.

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