As a leading solution for precision metal stamping, the thin sheet metal uncoiling, leveling, and feeding production line offers an efficient and accurate process for the manufacturing of high-quality metal components. This versatile equipment is perfect for the automotive, electronics, and 3C precision parts processing industries, where the handling of 0.1-0.6mm thin sheet metal strips is required.

Efficient Loading and Uncoiling with the Horizontal Uncoiler

The horizontal uncoiler simplifies the process of loading and uncoiling coiled material. With the help of a forklift or overhead crane, the coiled metal is placed onto the flat loading tray of the uncoiler. The material head is then guided through the swinging arm to the feeding bracket of the rear-positioned precision thin sheet leveler.

Achieving Optimal Flatness with the Precision Thin Sheet Leveler

The precision thin sheet leveler adjusts the leveling wheel’s downward pressure based on the sheet thickness, ensuring that the metal sheet is flattened and internal stress is eliminated. Once leveled, the material is fed to the NC servo feeder, ready for the next stage of the process.

Uncoiling, Leveling, and High-Precision Servo Feeding

The NC servo feeder automates the material feeding process. Users can set feeding length, count, and feeding speed on the 7-inch touchscreen of the NC control box. This allows the feeder to accurately deliver the material into the punch press dies, based on the specified parameters.

Precision Stamping and Forming with Advanced Punch Press Dies

The integrated precision punch press drives the dies to perform accurate forming on the incoming sheet, transforming it into the desired finished product. This precision stamping process ensures high-quality components are manufactured consistently.

Effortless Counting and Length Detection in the Production Line

The precision punch press features a built-in counting function, calculating the actual output length based on the number of stamping cycles and feeding distance per cycle. This allows for accurate tracking of finished product strip lengths throughout the manufacturing process.

Infrared Material Detection for Accurate Fixed-Length Cutting

To ensure precise fixed-length cutting, the infrared material detection device measures the output length of the finished product strips. Customers can set their desired cutting length, giving them full control over the dimensions of the final components.

In conclusion, the thin sheet metal uncoiling, leveling, and feeding production line delivers an unparalleled level of precision and efficiency in metal component manufacturing. By incorporating advanced features such as the horizontal uncoiler, precision thin sheet leveler, NC servo feeder, and infrared material detection, this production line ensures that your finished products meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

metal stamping production line
metal stamping production line