Tilting leveling machines revolutionize material leveling processes by integrating a 45-degree upward tilting structure. This innovation facilitates effortless roller cleaning, ensuring steadfast material strip leveling accuracy. Primarily employed for the precision leveling of high-grade sheet materials like aluminum, copper, galvanized plates, and aluminum alloys, these machines epitomize efficiency and accuracy.

Types of Tilting Leveling Machines

Explore the diversity of tilting leveling machines catering to various material thicknesses:

  1. Tilting Thin Plate Leveling Machine: Ideal for material thickness ranging from 0.05mm to 0.3mm.
  2. Tilting Precision Thin Plate Leveling Machine: Suited for material thickness between 0.1mm and 0.6mm.
  3. Tilting Precision Leveling Machine: Optimal for material thickness from 0.3mm to 1.2mm.

Enhancing Long-Term Accuracy

Irrespective of the model, tilting leveling machines ensure sustained material strip accuracy, thereby enhancing product qualification rates.

Usage and Maintenance Guidelines

Ensure the enduring efficiency of your tilting leveling machine through these indispensable maintenance practices:

  1. Regular Roller Cleaning: Schedule weekly inspections to wipe off any foreign debris from the leveling roller’s surface. Promptly address scratches to prevent product indentations.
  2. Gear Cleaning and Lubrication: Weekly maintenance entails inspecting the gears for foreign objects, abnormal noises, wear, and lubrication levels. Apply grease evenly to sustain gear functionality.
  3. Parallelism Adjustment: Detect deviations in material leveling by assessing the parallelism of upper and lower leveling rollers. Utilize calibrated handwheels to ensure uniformity in values, indicating roller reference value adjustments if inconsistencies arise.

By adhering to these guidelines, you ensure the prolonged efficiency and accuracy of your tilting leveling machine, guaranteeing optimal productivity in material leveling processes.

Tilting Leveling Machine
Tilting Leveling Machine