The uncoiler is a commonly used auxiliary equipment in the stamping production line, and it is already a fairly mature machine in the market. And many manufacturers have gone to mass-manufacture it as a standard model, but they have ignored the two major shortcomings that still exist in its structure. Next, I will introduce Henli’s uncoiler, optimization and improvement for these two points.

1. The expansion and contraction reel of the uncoiler is composed of four arc-shaped support tiles, and there are gaps between the support tiles for expansion and contraction.
There is a straight seam between the support tiles of the uncoiler commonly used in the market. During operation, due to the large curvature of the material tail, it is often inserted into the gap between the supporting tiles and hooked on the supporting tiles, causing damage to the uncoiler.

2. There are 4 A-type stop irons installed on the support tile of the uncoiler to prevent the deviation of the coil.
However, loading and unloading and fixing of this A-type retaining iron are cumbersome, which greatly affects the production efficiency during actual production.

In response to these two major deficiencies, Henli made two major structural improvements to the uncoiler:

1. The supporting tiles used by Henli’s uncoiler are changed from the traditional four-piece arc structure to scraping and staggered supporting tiles.
The support tiles are staggered with each other, and the length of the staggered straight seam is very small, which fundamentally solves the problem of damage to the uncoiler caused by the tail of the material being stuck.

2. The A-type iron of Henli’s uncoiler is replaced with T-type quick-change structure.
When the uncoiler is assembled, two T-shaped slots are opened on the supporting tile, and the retaining iron and the supporting tile are fixed by T-shaped bolts. At the same time, the retaining iron can not only slide along the T-shaped groove to adapt to different material widths to avoid material deflection, but also fundamentally realize quick change, simplify the loading and unloading of the retaining iron, and facilitate the use of customers.

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