Why Choose Large Hydraulic Decoilers

In the metal processing industry, large hydraulic decoilers have become increasingly popular due to their advanced features and ease of use. These heavy-duty machines offer improved performance compared to standard decoilers, with added benefits such as pressing arms, hydraulic expansion devices, and hydraulic loading trolleys for optimal convenience and stability. Furthermore, these machines come equipped with a separate handheld control box, making operation a breeze.

Handheld Control Box: The Key to Effortless Operation

The handheld control box is an essential component of the large hydraulic decoiler, offering a range of features that simplify the user experience. With a selection knob, operators can easily switch between hydraulic loading trolley movement and decoiling mode. Additionally, the control box provides controls for trolley elevation, advancement, and retraction, as well as decoiling expansion and contraction.

By adjusting the selection knob, users can efficiently control various aspects of the decoiler’s operation:

  • Trolley (Left Side) Mode: Enables control of trolley ascent and descent.
  • Decoiling Mode: Allows control over decoiling expansion and contraction.
  • Trolley (Right Side) Mode: Facilitates trolley forward and backward movement.

Practical Usage: How to Set Up and Operate a Large Hydraulic Decoiler

To ensure smooth operation of the large hydraulic decoiler, follow these steps for proper setup and usage:

  1. Manual Operation Mode: Set the handheld control box to manual operation mode.
  2. Adjust the Pressing Arm and Coil Drum: Elevate the pressing arm, retract the expanding coil drum, and adjust the inner side stopper A-shaped iron according to material width. For models with stopper arms, rotate the adjustment handwheel inward to set the side stopper arm position.
  3. Align the Decoiler: Make sure the decoiler’s material center aligns with the centerlines of subsequent leveling machines and feeders after loading.
  4. Position the Coiled Material: Using a crane or forklift, place the coiled material on the V-shaped support platform of the decoiler’s loading trolley.
  5. Move the Material onto the Material Rack: Operate the handheld control box to move the material onto the material rack and gently approach the inner side coil guide arm.
  6. Expand the Material Rack and Adjust the Outer Side Coil Stopper: Expand the coil drum, lower the pressing arm, and adjust the outer side coil stopper A-shaped iron (or stopper arm) position by pulling out the coil stopper arm and lowering the handwheel.
  7. Adjust the Material Head Position: Manipulate the material rack’s forward and reverse rotation to adjust the material head position.
  8. Cut the Material Packaging Strip: Finally, cut the material packaging strip at the appropriate location to complete the operational setup.

Boost Your Productivity with Large Hydraulic Decoilers

Investing in a large hydraulic decoiler can greatly improve your metal processing capabilities. With advanced features, easy operation, and enhanced stability, these machines are the perfect choice for any metalworking facility. By following the step-by-step guide above, you can ensure that your large hydraulic decoiler operates smoothly and effectively, maximizing productivity and efficiency in your metal processing operations.

hydraulic decoiler
hydraulic decoiler