The operating instructions of the decoiler generally have six points.

1. Turn on the 380V three-phase power supply, start the decoiler, check the actual rotation direction, the material should be fed upwards, and the vertical material should be in the direction of the 24V induction frame. (Of course, we will configure the power conversion for your local usage)

2. According to the thickness of the material and the position of the coil leveler or feeder machine, adjust the distance and position of the decoiler so that the material can smoothly enter the coil leveler or feeder machine. If only the coil feeder machine is used, a certain waiting area should be adjusted according to the feeding length. When the height of the center of the decoiler is basically equal to the working surface of the punch press, the distance from the feeding port of the feeding device is 4 meters to 4.5 meters. When it is too high or too low, appropriately increase the feeding distance and adjust the direction of the discharge.

3. Turn the handle of the decoiler counterclockwise to adjust the diameter of the support plate (smaller than the inner diameter of the material). Load the coil material, turn the handle of the decoiler clockwise, tension the inner circle of the coil material, and then install the baffle plate on the other two material plates. It should be noted that according to the material, the baffle plate cannot clamp the coil material too tightly, and there should be a gap of 2-5mm, otherwise it will affect the discharge. Turn the decoiler handle clockwise to hold the coil material tightly.

4. According to production needs, adjust the height of the 24V induction frame and properly control the length of the discharge.

5. It is inductive control during automatic operation, and the feeding speed can be directly adjusted on the panel. If manual function is required, first select the manual adjustment direction (forward/reverse) on the panel, and then press the jog, and the speed can also be adjusted.

6. If there is an abnormal phenomenon in the feeding of the decoiler, you should press the emergency stop switch immediately, and the press punching machine will also stop at the same time. After recovering from the abnormality, reset the emergency stop switch (turn off) first, and then the press punching machine can be officially started.