About openable 2 in 1 leveling machine

The openable 2 in 1 leveling machine is an upgraded version of the 2 in 1 leveling machine, and combines the precision leveling machine with the NC feeder to make the overall structure compact and It has two functions of leveling and feeding, which can feed the thinning plate in the metal at the same time, and feed the material to the post-processing equipment. There is no need to reserve the waiting area, the space is small, and the synchronization of the machine is very good. The utilization of the workshop space is improved, and the leveling, feeding accuracy and quality of the finished product are improved. It has become the most used equipment for configuring the press line. So what are the advantages of Henli’s openable 2 in 1 leveling machine?


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The characteristics of the openable 2 in 1 leveling machine

  1. It can be opened on the flattening roller group structure, which can be opened 45° obliquely upwards. It can quickly and thoroughly clean the working roller, facilitate mechanical inspection, ensure the leveling accuracy, and is suitable for thin plates with thickness between 0.1~0.8mm. The surface of the stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate and other materials with high precision requirements are leveled, which facilitates mechanical inspection and ensures the leveling accuracy.
  2. The flattening roller adopts the original three-stage structure. Compared with the traditional single-stage and double-stage only the downward bending, the three-stage material can be bent upwards and downwards.
  3. Adding the material arc control roller, the user-friendly operation can set the arc of the material freely, and the material can be straightened, straightened or up-to-down to match the die stamping.
  4. The use of original scoring adjustment method, instead of the traditional dial gauge adjustment method without additional correction, debugging is more convenient, accurate, and longer service life.
  5. Variable frequency control speed, the material is not easy to shake deformation during the operation, to ensure the high precision leveling needs.
  6. The leveling roller is made of bearing steel. After heat treatment HRC60°, the surface is plated with hard chrome and then ground, and the hardness is high. Wear resistance and long life.
  7. The model above 300mm is equipped with a reinforcing device to prevent the flattening roller from bending and deforming due to excessive pressure, strengthening the leveling strength and life of the entire roller, and improving the flatness of the surface of the plate.

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