In the former news I mentioned that we participated in the Amtex Fair in July in New Delhi, India with our Indian distributor MPS together. Actually, there are four companies brand at our booth, sharing the same participant’s name MPS. These three companies are all from Japan, only HENLI from China. We manufacture coil feeders and offer factory automation for coil, sheet processing and stamping automation solution. However, our booth is the most popular one, especially NC zigzag feeder, sheet feeder, stamping robots and 6 axis articulated robot. Regarding NC zigzag feeder, customers consulted with us most Indian manufacturers, some resellers also needed this from their end-users. One of their end-users needed 1500mm Zigzag servo feeder for punching holes. This usually equip with heavy duty decoiler together with coil car and thick plate straightener. They invited us to their booth also and asked us to show more working videos on Zigzag servo feeder production line. Here’s our photo in front of their booth as below:

photoes we taken with customers at AMTEX exhibition scene, india., click the photo to jump to our AMTEX news page insite.

  • The layout of Zigzag servo feeder production line:

layout of Zigzag servo feeder production line

  1. Zigzag speed: 7M/min (The actual number of zigzag is different from the itinerary, and is customized according to customer requirements.)
  2. Zigzag itinerary: 1000MM (Can be customized by actual material)
  3. Floor-mounted installation (with rack installed, manufactured according to customer needs)
  4. Driven by the upper and lower rollers, the upper roller is lifted or dropped by the cylinder, and the upper and lower rollers are driven by a servo motor, and the feeding length is controlled by the encoder through the servo motor;
  5. The feeding length (step size) can be directly input on the PLC programmer equipped with the equipment according to actual needs, which is simple and convenient.
  6. When the press is stamped, the upper feed roller is lifted up by the cylinder to accurately position the sheet, and at the same time avoid the impact of sliding on the roller and the drive when the sheet material is punched.
  7. The yaw mechanism adopts the cylinder to push the feeding mechanism to perform the yaw of the whole machine on the two parallel guide rails, and the yaw stroke can be adjusted and used according to actual needs.

  • Two ways of discharge method of NC zig zag feeder

Two ways of discharge method of NC zig zag feeder

This type of discharge can only be biased once, and the relevant equipment can be configured according to the parameters given by our engineer.

Two ways of discharge method of NC zig zag feeder

This type of discharge can be biased twice, and the material utilization rate is higher than that of the first type of discharge. If this type of discharge is adopted, the related equipment models need to be enlarged, and the equipment configuration is also different.

The above suggestions are for reference only and can be selected according to actual needs.

You can check the debugging video of the Zigzag servo feeder on our YouTube channel, which is more clearer to see how it works: