1. Can the punch press be equipped with an NC servo feeder?

The NC feeder is widely loved by stamping customers because of its simple operation, high feeding accuracy and low failure rate. But not all punch presses can be fitted with NC servo feeders. The installation of the servo NC feeder on the punch press requires a vertical air source and a cam (usually 2 sets are required, one set is connected to the relaxation signal, and one set is the feeding signal. If the punch is used for unloading, only the feeding signal is required) and so on.

2. How does the NC servo feeder work?

The NC servo feeder is connected by two sets of cam signals of the punching machine, one set of feeding signal and one set of relaxation signal, to realize interlocking, cyclic operation, and complete the whole process of feeding and stamping.

3. How to choose mechanical mode and pneumatic mode in NC servo feeder?

The mechanical type relaxes quickly, so the mechanical type should be selected for short-step high-speed feeding.
The pneumatic type is slow to relax, so the pneumatic type is preferred for long-step and low-speed feeding.

4. Is it dangerous to have a sudden power failure during the operation of the NC servo feeder?

If the NC servo feeder encounters a sudden power failure or the power supply line fails during the operation, the feeder will automatically stop running without any danger. Because the NC servo feeder itself is equipped with electrical and mechanical safety devices, once the power is cut off, the brake of the NC servo feeder will automatically brake, so that the feeder cannot run, so please use it with confidence.

5. What is the function of the handwheel on the upper end of the NC servo feeder?

It is the material thickness adjustment handwheel, which is used to apply pressure to the upper roller, so that the upper roller can compress the material and send the material out.

6. How to solve the abnormal relaxation of the NC servo feeder?

a. Check whether the guide pin of the punch die is normal, check it carefully and correct it.
b. There is a deviation in the feeding direction, check whether the stamping direction is correct and whether the mold is normal.
c. The relaxation time is incorrect, re-adjust the relaxation time of the NC servo feeder.
d. The eccentric shaft and the loosening shaft lose oil and get stuck,use kerosene to clean them and add butter.

7. How to solve the fixed direction of the feeding error of the NC servo feeder?

a. Whether the material thickness handle is pressed tightly.
b. If the feeding mechanism is pneumatically released, check whether the air compressor pressure is normal.
c. Check whether the material uncoiled by the uncoiler is on the same level as the nc servo feeder and mold.

8. How to solve the sudden error when feeding?

a. Is the speed match of the leveler and the NC servo feeder normal? Whether the waiting area of the leveler and the nc servo feeder, as well as the height of the material arc and the speed of the punching machine are appropriate.
b. Check the transmission clearance of the NC servo feeder, if it is too large, adjust the belt properly.

9. How does the NC servo feeder perform multi-stage feeding?

Entering the “setting screen” of the NC servo feeder, there are three sets of length settings, which can be set here.

10. What is the appropriate width of the stopper wheel of the NC servo feeder?

The width of the stopper wheel of the NC servo feeder can be adjusted to be 2mm wider than the material, whichever does not hinder the running of the material.

11. When the NC servo feeder is out of material, can the press punching machine stop be controlled?

According to the needs of customers, the end detection device can be installed at the entrance of the NC servo feeder. As soon as the end of the material passes the detection device, the punch stops at top dead center. At this time, the remaining roll material needs to be fed one by one in a single-action mode to avoid damage to the punch die when there is no material.

The above are common NC servo feeder problems. If you encounter other problems or still can’t solve it, contact Henli and we will answer your doubts immediately.

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