Merry Christmas, one year has passed, I am Monkey Ho, this is an interesting name. It hope everyone can remember me. I have shared a lot of articles in here before.This time I want to share some problems in our factory after sale.

Previously, the customer purchased the machine from us. It is a 2 in 1 leveling machine and an NC servo feeder. A large number of customers will use this method to purchase a production line. The 2 in 1 leveling machine is very space-saving. It has good performance, high precision, enough to meet the needs of customers, in addition, NC servo feeder is the latest modern feeder, enough to replace the roller feeder and air feeder, its a lot of customer choice, we use Japan Yaskawa,The motor is very good in quality and has a long life. Now it is packed and shipped during Christmas. The customer’s evaluation of us is very high, Hope we can cooperate with the customer company, please see the following picture:

I have share a similar article before, and if you want to know more, please click on the link below:

Secondly, every time the shipment is made, the customer will say to me: “If the machine is damaged due to packaging problems, we need to be responsible.” During the middle of transportation,the customers are worried that the machine will be damaged, scratched, etc.. However, we can guarantee that the machine can be delivered to the customer’s destination in good condition. The following picture shows the standard packaging of our factory. We will seal the machine with stretch film, then use the iron frame to enclose the machine, and then use a layer of pull with stretch film. Please see the picture below:

Our principle is: no matter in the New Year or Christmas, we will serve customers 24 hours a day. We will try our best to answer any questions. We can guide you through the video and our team of engineers can guide you online. With the permission of the funds, we can Installation and commissioning at the customer’s factory to ensure that the machine does not cause any problems, this is our commitment to the customer, we can also be packaged according to customer needs,and our factory’s any machine can be customized.

Thank you for browsing here. If you need to know more about the details of our machines, please feel free to contact me and wish you happy new year!