NC feeder machine is more and more popular now at stamping press industry. Compare to other coil feeding equipment, like air feeder/ roller feeder, nc feeder has several highlight advantages that stand out. Commonly known as free space length setting, mutiple feeding length in one work flow, easy training, and powerful programmable function. Today I’d like to introduce 2 of these advantages here.

1)     Free space length driven by yaskawa motor

Free space length is compared to limit space length with traditional coil feeding equipment. As is known to all, traditional coil feeding equipment is driven by press machine. Every press machine has a fixed stroke capacity. And traditional coil feeding equipment has its space length by punch press machine. Now you know why traditional coil feeding equipment has limited space length.
But NC feeder machine gets its power by servo motor, and how long every space feeding is totally determined by how much you input. This successfully solve the space length limitation. Thus, NC feeder can work with a wide range of metal machinery, like laser cutting machine, cut to length shear machine, etc. Henli Machinery equips Yaskawa motor for every exporting nc feeder to ensure best quality.

yaskawa motor on nc feeder machine

1)     Easy training when servo feeder controlled by PLC

As foundation of modern intelligence manufacture, PLC simply most repeat work and organize work follow more effectively. PLC tells servo motor when to action and how to action. If punch press need to feed material, then PLC order servo feeder give a running work, the roller running for a certain length, and press machine achieve correct space length at correct time. No need to re-set these related mechanical structure and parts every time.

Standard of a good PLC is can output its order steady and fast every time. Mitsubishi as the leader manufacture in electronical control field, is famous for its high performance and reliable after sales service. Henli machinery equips PLC on servo feeder machine, preventing our customer facing break production time and time.

PLC on NC feeder machine

NC feeder has so many advantages, which is not means other coil feeding equipment failed to handle modern stamping work. Still they has own special advantages that make them still helpful for customer. I will introduce in another article.

Thanks for reading.