Henli Machinery-SYDA shipped N95 mask making machines and 3 plys flat mask machines to Peru on Monday . Before shipping , we have complete the video connecting to check the machines with customer . For the N95 respirator making machine, our company also can provide N95 semi-automatic headband welding machine as an option . This Peru customer finally choose both earloop and head band type at the same time .  So no matter ear-loop or head-loop N95 mask machines , we can make the machine product according to customers’ requirment .

When using the semi-auto N95 headband welding machine , we can make the mask without band by the main body machine . Then finish the headband welding in the next process by welding machine . Here is the video :


Nose-close type, fully protected N95 face mask making machine :


As for the 3 plys disposable surgical / medical type mask making machine . Now we improve the quality and efficiency , also customers can choose  adding a packing machine to the end to make it become a full production line . Here is the video showing the mask machine running :


The two containers shipping to Peru :

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