A batch of coil decoiler independently research & develop and produced by Dongguan HENLI Machinery, after debugging each machine in the production workshop, ensure that all machines are in normal operation. Firstly send machine photos and machine testing videos to the customer and get confirmation from the customer. And then the packaging of the equipment was completed with the cooperation of the quality control department and the production department. With wrapping film inside and iron frame outside. The equipment was ready for shipment to the European Slovenian customer’s factory on August 6.

The customer searches for the equipment on the Internet, found that HENLI Machinery, according to understanding of HENLI Machinery, and knows the overall appearance of the factory, the production process and a large number of orders for exporting overseas .Sure that HENLI machinery is a real manufacturer.

In middle of July, I received an email from the customer. The contents of the mail clearly state the customer’s production process and material parameters, as well as the technical requirements and efficiency of the required equipment. The customer’s materials are copper and aluminum. During the stamping process, the two materials are combined through a stamping process to complete the finished stamping. After a week of technical communication, our engineering department provided a product drawing and an approximate layout of production line based on the customer’s production needs. The design of the engineering department attracted the attention of the customers and was recognized by the customers. We received the deposit paid by the customers on the same day. Since the customer urgently needs the equipment to be put into production, it is required that we must complete it within 20 days. From R&D-design-production-debugging-packaging-shipping, only took 10 days finished, including 2 sets non-standard automatic decoiler, and 2 sets modified decoiler to be manufactured and shipped to Slovenia.

With such short manufacturing time, top quality and major parts of European brands, Henli Machinery received praise from customers once again when customers received machine pictures I sent. “What a perfect machine! “Customer said. And he also decided to visit our HENLI’s factory next month to discuss the next business plan.

The performance of machine are as follows

Suitable for all kind of coil material winding and unwinding;

Can be added the motor to match feeding device;

Brake device adjustment, strengthen main shaft;

Roll rotating smoothly and increase load capacity;

Suitable for thin metal material;

High production efficiency.

·         Special device

Feeding speed adjustment;

Coil I.D and O.D adjustment;

Pressing arm;

Hydraulic expansion;


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