Hi, Merry Christmas everyone, how is your holiday?

Here is Bella again, this weekly new i am going to tell yours a very serious problem about the NC feeder. That information are from my Morocco and America customers, at the begin of meet them, they were asked some quotation from me, and check our machine quality by the machine working video. I was asking them why change the supplier suddenly, the reasons as follow,

Morocco and America customer’s NC machine quality and package problem

We can seem the serious damage in the machine body, and without any English instruction book in the package, which cause my customer did not know how to install it and delay the production.Finally, our HENLI engineer team recording a teaching video and video call to help my customer solve the installation problem. But the most serious problem is the size of the punching machine is not suitable for the mold. Now the surface of the machine be broken and dose not resell and should be use the new mold to continue the production.

Now i recommend the Dongguan Mold factory to my customer to design a new set mold, and he also buy some machines from me. I think it is not only the after-service problem, as my customer, he bought the bad-machine, and delay the production time, but also a very bad influences to the reputation of whole Chinese machine industry.

We learned a lot of experience from my America customer, we will keeping strengthen our after-sells service and promise the customer will reply any question in 24 hours, and promise the machine without any shipping damage by our package. Here is our iron package, which will be not damage risk of.

our iron package

This video is from my Morocco customer, his NC feeder machine was self-ignition, i were so surprise by this notice, i was thinking how is the quality bad will cause the accident. General speaking, the motor of our machine should be choose the Yaskawa brand to make sure the quality, and now i saw the picture of the machine is some unknown small factory motor, and his supplier price is higher than us. The main part of the machine is the motor, if the motor bad, whole machine quality was down. Then i show him our motor, he buy from me immediately, only for the quality and the reasonable price can do a long term business. If you even bought in China, you will know there are Chinese quality, quality is depend on price, it is very easy to change the inner part and meet your price requirement in some trading company, when your machine have some problem, they will not going to explain it to you. That’s why we always encourage customer choose the factory supplier.

Here is our motor and inner part of the machine,

our motor and inner part of the machine

If you want to know more information about the NC Feeder quality, please kindly call or send the message to me, thanks for your time, thank you so much! Happy Christmas~