Purchase process: Quanta Group’s products mainly use medium and thin plate materials for stamping processing. In the past, our company recommended the purchase of material racks and levelers with NC feeders, which are cost-effective line forming equipment.
However, with the continuous increase in the amount of stamping products in the stamping workshop of Quanta Group, and the variety of stamping, the available space inside the stamping workshop is getting smaller and smaller, and more and more operators are required.
The customer expects an automatic equipment with a smaller footprint, a wider range of applicable material thicknesses, and one person can take care of multiple stamping production lines. At this time, our company recommended a 3 in 1 press feed line. It was also selected as the main stamping production line assembly equipment in the later period.

Solve the problem:
The 3 in 1 press feed line integrates the three functions of collecting uncoiling, leveling and feeding, and forms a stamping production line with a press punching machine. It not only reduces the floor space of the production line and realizes fully synchronized processing and production, but also has a design that makes it a wider range of applications and higher stability.
At the same time, its operation fully realizes automatic processing, and all actions are automatically completed by the servo program. While improving the quality of stamping products, the production efficiency is increased by 30-40%, and the purpose of one person to supervise multiple production lines is realized, which greatly reduces the input of labor costs.