Mechanical transmission feeding equipment is a general term for a type of punch feeder that is driven by the output shaft of the punch press, and the feeding roller is driven by the output shaft to realize the feeding action.Such as:High Speed Roll Feeder Machine,High Speed Clip Feeder Machine,High Speed Gear Feeder Machine.

The advantages of mechanical transmission feeding equipment:
1. The feeding speed can be synchronized with the press punching machine, and the feeding speed is fast, which can reach more than 1000 times per minute, which can realize the high-speed punching performance of the press punching machine;
2. No energy consumption, no need to connect additional electricity or gas source.

The disadvantage is that the punch itself needs to be equipped with an output shaft, and the feeding step distance and thickness are within the applicable range of the press punching machine, and it is more used with traditional ordinary punch machines and high-speed punch machines.